De tantes (7+)


De tantes (7+)

De Toneelmakerij / Paul Knieriem


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De tantes (7+)
De Toneelmakerij / Paul Knieriem

Who is the boss in the house? Joris or his aunts? “An amazing comedy for children aged 7 and over (and their parents).”

start time 19:30 / 14:30
duration 80 min, without interval
language Dutch
venue Rabozaal

About De Tantes

Joris lives in an abandoned restaurant. He has no parents anymore. He doesn't make his bed, drinks five litres of Coke a day, reads comic books and doesn't put out the rubbish. Until his aunts drop in and put Joris to work.

Under the direction of Paul Knieriem, De Toneelmakerij makes youth theatre for all age groups. The company likes to mix genres, from music to dance, movies, games and social media. Together with ITA, the company released a contemporary version of The Magic Flute in 2019. For De Tantes (The Aunts), De Toneelmakerij received the Zapp Theatre Prize and the Golden Cricket for best youth theatre production.

In the press

“A divinely good performance!” - De Groene Amsterdammer
“Aunt Cunera gives the whole room the giggles.” – NRC
“Tip: go to the loo before the performance, otherwise you’ll wet your pants laughing.” - Zapp Children’s jury.


text Roel Adam
direction Paul Knieriem
cast Tjebbo Gerritsma, Peter van Heeringen, Rogier in ́t Hout, Anil Jagdwesing en Stefanie van Leersum
dramaturgy Pauline Geerlings
set design Katrin Bombe
costume design Bernadette Corstens
lighting design Gé Wegman