De Vrekkin (8+)

NTjong / Noël Fischer

De Vrekkin (8+)

NTjong / Noël Fischer


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De Vrekkin by Noël Fischer, artistic leader of NTjong since 2013, is a comedy about a shameless family with too much money and too little sense of reality, à la the Trump family and the Kardashians. Jibbe Willems based the text on the De Vrek (The Miser) by Molière (1968).

Grote Zaal:

Duration: 1h40m

Visual spectacle for anyone who dreams of being rich.

When the mother-with-a-fashion-empire decides that she no longer wants to be a credit card and closes the vault, the family chaos is complete. Fischer's performances are exuberant and interspersed with humour, but they also serve as a reflection. De Vrekkin shows that you cannot run your family like a business and that money is not the same as sincere attention.

Under tight control from the mother and her personal assistant, this modern family with a son, daughter and life coach leads an extravagant life. Mother’s fashion empire seems to be an inexhaustible source of money for her children, who have developed into brutal and greedy little monsters. When she realises that everyone takes advantage of her, mother slams shut the safe. After all, nobody wants to be a living credit card. In the meantime her children are enjoying themselves with secrets, sneaky desires and bad friends. The family chaos is complete.

In a super-material world where children almost naturally grow up with the latest gadgets, expensive designer clothes and funny trips, it is difficult for parents to set limits. Families like the Trumps and the Kardashians give the idea that wealth is inexhaustible. If love is expressed in money, then surely you want to have as much of it as possible?


“The result is a fine glittering show with cardboard stretched limos and private planes, but also with flesh and blood characters that you come to care for.”
De Volkskrant ****

“Jibbe Willems has redesigned the seventeenth-century character comedy by Molière into a rather hilarious family performance that is completely set in modern times.”
Theaterkrant ****

“The family show is an explosion of theatrical finds, witty texts and cinematic images.”
Trouw ****

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