Een oprechte ode aan de ironie


Een oprechte ode aan de ironie

De Warme Winkel


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Een oprechte ode aan de ironie
De Warme Winkel
1st rank € 34.50 / 2nd rank € 32 / 3rd rank € 21.50

De Warme Winkel retreats to a seductively beautiful island with great cultural-historical value. Here they meet the reality TV stars Danicio Codfried and Lesley Versprille among others and take on the challenge: will irony remain their strongest weapon or will dates with real people punch holes in their conviction?

Starting time 7:30 p.m.
Duration two hours and 30 minutes, incl. intermission
Location Rabozaal
Language Dutch

© Sofie Knijff
© Sofie Knijff

For those who don't get the irony of the title: it is difficult to bring a sincere ode to irony, because those who want to do justice to irony have to confess it, and that undermines the sincerity of the ode. Yet that is precisely the intention. 

Irony is thrown out by many. Irony excludes and that is no longer allowed in these inclusive times. It is labelled as an artistic offer of weakness (because then you have nothing to say), young artists adhere to new sincerity (you have to mean what you say) and politicians relegate irony to a means of covering themselves and justifying discrimination (gays!).-|-But isn't the child thrown out with the bathwater? Because, when handled properly, irony is the lubricant of every conversation and 'a life worthy of being called human begins with irony' (Kierkegaard). 

It is up to De Warme Winkel to restore irony to its full glory. A theatrical rehabilitation; grand, horny and dangerous... 


with Danicio Codfried, Hannah Hoekstra, Florian Myjer, Vincent Rietveld, Lesley Versprille, Shirley Cramer, Bella, Ward Weemhoff
concept Florian Myjer, Vincent Rietveld, Mara van Vlijmen, Ward Weemhoff, Marieke de Zwaan 
director Jetse Batelaan, Tim Verbeek (assistant)
scenography Theun Mosk, Casandra Hernandez Velez (assistant), Cedric van Daalen (internship)
costume design Rebekka Wörmann, Akelei Loos (assistant)
sound design Marijn Brussaard
production Lena Meijer
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam 
with the support of
Ammodo, Fonds 21, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
with thanks to
Ayleen Kilisli, Britt Hartog, Earl Daniël en Myrna Hendricksen

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