Nasrdin Dchar / Floris van Delft


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Nasrdin Dchar / Floris van Delft
€ 54.50

Binge watching with master storyteller Nasrdin Dchar: experience three of his successful solo performances in one night.

Starting time: 5 p.m. (Sat) and 3.30 p.m. (Sun)
Duration: 330 minutes, incl. multiple intermissions
Location: Rabozaal
Language: Dutch

About familiekroniek

In his charming and disarming way, Nasrdin Dchar tells you about the most important people in his life: his mother, his father, and his wife. He invites the audience into his life, into his journey to find out what it means to be a son of Moroccan parents in the Netherlands, his country. This family chronicle is a three-part performance about loyalty, finding your place and, of course, love. Three intimate stories, brought with humour and honesty to tell one bigger story.

In Oumi (Mother), Dchar plays his mother, and with her, an entire generation of Moroccan women. ‘A story of remembrance, wonder, melancholy and resilience – charming and fresh’, says De Volkskrant.

In DAD, Dchar plays his father, and engages in a dialogue with him. He also pauses to reflect on his own fatherhood. A play about generations. About emigration. About then, now, and later. ‘DAD by Nasrdin Dchar is relevant to all of us’, – NRC

-|-In JA, Dchar shows us how bumpy the road of love can be. He tells the story about the love between him and his wife Amy. A journey across continents and cultures, his own quest for maturity, and most of all, for love and connection. ‘An important and delightful performance’, wrote Trouw in its five-star review.

“This family chronicle is a journey through time, an introduction to the Dchar family, an ode to migrant stories, and a closer look at a changing society. For me, it was an enormous challenge. For the audience, I hope it’s an unforgettable experience”, says Nasrdin Dchar.

The three performances can be seen consecutively in one evening. During one of the intermissions, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a meal prepared by Nadia Zerouali and Samira Dahmani from the Couscousbar in Amsterdam, making this night a feast for all your senses. Or as Nadia puts it: “Just as Nasrdin’s theatre performances can touch your heart, our couscous will nourish your soul!”


texts & performance Nasrdin Dchar
texts & direction Floris van Delft
textOumi Maria Goos
lighting design GVDO
stage design Robin Vogel


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