Hollandsch Glorie


Hollandsch Glorie

Toneelgroep Oostpool / Het Amsterdamse Bostheater i.s.m. ITA


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Hollandsch Glorie
Toneelgroep Oostpool / Het Amsterdamse Bostheater i.s.m. ITA
ticket prices: Regular € 21,- / CJP € 16,50 / Young people up to 18 years € 9,50

A spectacular, humorous show dealing with Dutch history by Toneelgroep Oostpool in Amsterdamse Bostheater

For Pieter (Thijs Römer), it seemed like a good idea at the time. A ‘national history museum park’ where you can see, in the form of a play, how our forefathers lived. Entertaining and educational: a magical mix! His show in the Hollandsch Glorie park has been a huge hit, and has run for ten years now. Then 2021 comes along, and suddenly everyone’s angry. Pieter had no idea people could get angry with history. But now it’s like the whole of the Netherlands, in all its polarised disunity, has an outspoken opinion on his show. Together with his actors, Pieter has to go in search of a new take on Dutch history. One that will finally be able to bring the country together. Pieter embarks on a titanic struggle to save his life’s work, but a confrontation with the spirit of our age seems inevitable.

Starts: 21:00
Duration: 100 min.
No intermission
Amsterdamse Bostheater
English surtitles on Thursdays

A portrait of modern humanity

Oostpool’s entire artistic team have spliced the mainbrace and climbed the rigging to create an epic satire that pulls us deep into the quagmire of Holland’s history. Marvel at epic sea battles, tragic love stories, tractors, aliens and maybe even the odd flash or two of insight. All set against a gigantic backdrop in the most beautiful open-air theatre in the world.

Familiar discussions
History has arranged for us all to be sitting here together on a balmy summer evening in Het Amsterdamse Bostheater in 2021. A collective of individuals, all with our own backgrounds and histories. This summer, once again a group of young, passionate actors will reintroduce their audience to the magic of theatre. At last, audiences can gather again, giving us an opportunity to reflect together on who we are, who we were, and maybe even who we will be in the future.

“History is diverse, contradictory and complex. The times in which we live show that we need stories that reflect our multi-ethnic society. We have to take up the impossible challenge to show everyone’s point-of-view. I want people to enjoy the complexity of this age.” | Charli Chung

-|-Hollandsch Glorie allows the audience to take a good look at the Netherlands we live in now and ponders the world we have emerged from. How do we want to go down in history? A new, supremely relevant, humorous, sharp production in which a group of young actors descend this summer on an open space in Het Amsterdamse Bostheater.

Oostpool’s artistic team combine forces
This summer, the brand new artistic team of Toneelgroep Oostpool are creating an entirely new, spectacular show in the Amsterdamse Bostheater. Co-directing with the company’s artistic director Daria Bukvić, in Hollandsch Glorie Charli Chung presents a new text by writing/directing duo Jan Hulst & Kasper Tarenskeen. With Hollandsch Glorie, Tarenskeen has written a major piece of new, modern repertoire: a portrait of modern humanity. It’s time for a new generation to make history.


concept Jan Hulst & Kasper Tarenskeen | text Kasper Tarenskeen | direction Charli Chung | co-direction Daria Bukvić | performance Arber Aliaj, Yara Brand, Laura De Geest, Fjodor Jozefzoon, Joep Paddenburg, Thijs Römer, Michael Schnörr, Quiah Shilue, ‘Ntianu Stuger and Sidar Toksöz | dramaturgy Madelon Kooijman | directors’ assistant Laurens van Lottum | scenography Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck | costume design Dymph Boss| costume studio Femke van Neerven, Leila El Alaoui and Nikki Verkaar | sound design Jelle Hoekstra | lighting design Jantje Geldof | technical Denson Batteke, Niels Bruynje, Hergen Verheul, Han Verweijen and Bram Visser | production Jeroen Heinen | marketing Daniel Jaspers and Thijs Toonen | visuals Henri Verhoef | co-production Toneelgroep Oostpool and Het Amsterdamse Bostheater