Krisztina de Châtel / SALLY Dansgroep Maastricht


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30 Sep '19
Krisztina de Châtel / SALLY Dansgroep Maastricht

Two acclaimed works by Krisztina de Châtel, alongside exciting work by young talent Audrey Apers of SALLY’s Danslab. Three choreographies in which music plays a guiding role. The triple bill (Im)Pulse presents de Châtel’s ‘Pulse’ (2007) with music by György Ligeti. Dressed in costumes by fashion icon AZIZ, the dancers are swept away by Ligeti’s piano music like leaves in a storm. On initiative of SALLY Dance Company this classic is back on tour. “A piece worth seeing again,” NRC Handelsblad wrote in 2007.

'A true classic in De Châtel's oeuvre, worth seeing again.' (NRC about Pulse)

'Thirteen Images From The Dark Land' (2017) was commissioned by SALLY Dance Company. This was the first time in her career that de Châtel created a duet focused on human contact. To music by George Crumb and with live accompaniment by Ensemble 88, the choreography explores the human soul in the physical body.

In her new work ‘Labour of Love’, Apers uses music and dance in a bid to transcend hierarchical relationships. In a live dialogue between Apers and her musical counterpart, the struggle for territory has to give way to working on common ground.

Krisztina de Châtel has more than seventy choreography credits to her name. In her work, vulnerable human bodies are confronted with natural elements such as wind, earth and water, or with the imposing space of a building. There is also often a battle raging within the body itself: between passion and control, between individual freedom and the security of the collective.

SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht makes dance performances and interactive dance projects for young and old alike. It challenges young dancers and talented choreographers to develop their talents and makes an extra effort to get younger audiences involved in dance.

Cultural highlight of the coming season

(im)Pulse was tipped in the various previews of the upcoming season by both the editors of NRC and those of Trouw as 'not to be missed'.

Krisztina de Châtel, affectionately called the queen of minimal dance, is still a voice of importance in the Netherlands as a dance at the age of 75. Last season she surprised with the intimate men's duet "Thirteen Images From The Dark Land" for dance company SALLY from Maastricht. In the tour program "(IM) Pulse" this duet is repeated and the group work "Pulse" (2007) on music by György Ligeti goes in reprise. Powerhouse De Châtel in optima forma.


Choreography: Krisztina de Châtel (Pulse en Thirteen Images…), Audrey Apers (Labour of Love)
Composition: György Ligeti (Pulse), George Crumb (Thirteen Images…), Michiel de Malsche en Jan Deboom (Labour of Love)
Dance: Marina Bilterijst, Cesare Di Laghi, Alina Fejzo, Ivan Montis, Luis R. Pedraza Cedrón, Pedro Ricardo Henry (Pulse), Pedro Ricardo Henry, Ivan Montis (Thirteen Images…), Audrey Apers (Labour of Love)
Performance live music: Dominica Eyckmans (altviool), Paul Pankert (viool), Maxime Stasyk (viool), Jean-Pol Zanutel (cello) (Thirteen Images…), Jan Deboom (Labour of Love)
Stage design: Conrad van de Ven (Pulse)
Costumes: Aziz Bekkaoui (Pulse), Mieke Kockelkorn (Thirteen Images…), Audrey Apers (Labour of Love)
Light design: Bernie van Velzen (Pulse), Otto Eggersglüss (Thirteen Images…)

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