Si vous pouviez lécher mon coeur / Julien Gosselin


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Si vous pouviez lécher mon coeur / Julien Gosselin
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Joueurs (after the novel Players, 1977) catapults us back to the eighties. It describes how the boredom and indifference in the lives of a wealthy New York couple degenerate into pure violence when they become involved in a terrorist conspiracy directed against Wall Street. With the background of the runaway American consumerism of the eighties, the unsustainable tension is being drawn between radicalism and liberalism. This book too was a foreshadowing of the events on 9/11.

Duration: 3 hours, no intermission
Language: French with Dutch surtitles
Su 14 april: Marathon


Pammy and Lyle Wynant are an attractive, modern couple who seemingly have everything. But their 'ideal' life hides a persistent boredom and silent desperation. Their conversations are only chatter, their sex lives a dutiful searching for some sort of satisfaction.

Then Lyle sees someone being shot at the New York stock exchange, where he works. Being a curious fellow, he becomes involved with the terrorists responsible. In search of easier times, Pammy travels to Maine with a pair of gay friends, where she starts an affair with one of them. And yet they remain unaffected, 'players': indifferent to the chaos and the violence around them, which they themselves have been instrumental in creating.

Joueurs, Mao II, Les Noms is the first part of a major project by Julien Gosselin, based on the work of American writer Don DeLillo. The separate parts can be seen prior to this marathon performance on 14 April.

In de pers

‘Het geheel is magistraal. Tien uur bij Gosselin gaat duizend maar sneller dan twee uur bij vele anderen.’ – Libération
‘Alle aspecten van Gosselins voorstelling – acteerwerk, film, dramaturgie, gelaagde scenografie en live muziek – zijn geweldig.’ – The Guardian *****
'De wereld van Gosselin en DeLillo is griezelig en beangstigend, maar ook intrigerend en fascinerend.' - De Morgen
‘Een episch avontuur van bijna 10 uur.’ – l’Humanité
‘Een ongelooflijke filmische theaterervaring die de angst in de wereld en de kracht van woorden in tien uur samenbalt.’ – Les Echos
'Dit is geen comfortabel theater. Maar het is wel uiterst krachtig.' - De Morgen

Julien Gosselin
Julien Gosselin

With French director Julien Gosselin (Les Particules Élementaires and 2666), we will be adding one of the world’s greatest young directing talents to our theatre company. In his debut at ITA, Falling Man, he reflects on global terrorism and its effect on a family in New York during the aftermath of 9/11.

The performance is part of Gosselin’s great international Don DeLillo project, the first part of which will premiere at the Festival d’Avignon this summer. Part two, Falling Man with Eelco Smits, Hans Kesting, Maria Kraakman et al., premiered in March 2019. ITA is the only place in the world where both parts have been performed.

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