Julidans Extended: At The Park


Julidans Extended: At The Park

Nicole Beutler Projects (NL) / Codarts Talent on the Move (NL) / Andrea Boll & Ivan Blagajcevic (NL)


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Julidans Extended: At The Park
05 Jul '19
Nicole Beutler Projects (NL) / Codarts Talent on the Move (NL) / Andrea Boll & Ivan Blagajcevic (NL)

A sultry summer night. A stroll in the park. A dance. In the Vondelpark Openluchttheater you will see (inter)national dance companies within the Julidans frame.

Fri 5 July

± 120 minutes
free admission

Nicole Beutler Projects
a fragment of 4: STILL LIFE

Since time immemorial, men and women have been at cross purposes. For centuries, a mating dance has been performed on the dance floor. Choreographer Nicole Beutler delved into the history of dance and summarises that in five 'moving still lifes' between man and woman. From the royal court dances from the Baroque period to the wild Lindy Hop from the twenties, from ballroom dances to modern dance. 4: STILL LIFE received four stars from the Volkskrant, Theaterkrant and NRC.

Codarts Talent on the Move

Julidans shows four performances from Talent on the Move by Holland Dance Festival and Codarts Rotterdam. Dance talent brimming with explosiveness and energy. Dance students from Codarts dancework from world-famous dancemakers who take the world by storm: Stephen Shropshire, Hofesh Shechter, Cayetano Soto and Ihsan Rustem.

Andrea Boll & Ivan Blagajcevic

What happens when people touch each other? Andrea Boll & Ivan Blagajcevic show the complex and delicate dynamics which occur when two bodies keep coming into contact with each other. The dance tells a sensory story about the need for proximity and individual boundaries. By means of their physical contact, the dancers transform from wild primal beings into liberated individuals. Sage is an ode to the thinking and feeling human being.