Julidans Extended: Hors-Champ


Julidans Extended: Hors-Champ

Ivana Müller (FR/HR) / I'M Company


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Julidans Extended: Hors-Champ
Ivana Müller (FR/HR) / I'M Company

A very special experience outside ('hors') the traditional field ('champ') of the theatre: Hors-Champ is performed in a colony of tents for two persons and played by you, the spectator. 'Hors champ' also refers to the wilderness, to those who camp wild, go off the beaten track or are outside society.

Sat 6 & Sun 7 July
continuous between
15.00 – 18.00
Free admission

A special meeting with someone whom you do not (yet) know.

In this open air performance, you meet someone whom you do not (yet) know. In a small tent, the type that you find at a campsite, but also under bridges in cities or in refugee camps. In Hors-Champ, your tent is a closed and safe space for a part of yourself as one of the two main characters. A performance that is about our nature and our culture, our relation with other people, about life and survival. All of that in one small tent. In each of these tents, the participants will find a script which leads them through the conversation. You simply read aloud the conversation, out of sight of the others. However, even if there is a scenario and you do not need to improvise, the two of you still make this performance yourselves - together you write the scenes that take place in your tent. Each tent is a place for a new meeting and a new conversation.

Hors-Champ is a theatrical project by Croatian Ivana Müller, who grew up in Zagreb and Amsterdam and now works from Paris. In her performances, installations, plays, video, radio plays and theatrical journeys, Müller examines the political in the theatre, imagines the history of (historical) places and searches for ways of involving the spectator. Her performances can be seen at major festivals around the world, such as the Venice Biennale.

In the main programme of Julidans, Müller's performance Conversations Out Of Place can also be seen.