Julidans NL: Blueprint on Memory


Julidans NL: Blueprint on Memory

Ann Van den Broek / WArd/waRD (NL/BE)


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Julidans NL: Blueprint on Memory
04 Jul '19
Ann Van den Broek / WArd/waRD (NL/BE)

‘Just as crisp as oppressive. Certainly those who have experienced Alzheimer's up close will recognize much. Blueprint on Memory is an impressive and moving movement-theatre’, wrote NRC. The Memory Loss Collection is Van den Broek's most recent project, three shows about how our memory functions. The first part, Blueprint on Memory,
is about memory loss and is inspired by personal experiences of the choreographer, whose mother suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

Thu 4 July 20.30
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

75 minutes
No intermission
€25 / 20 / 15 / 10
Julidans Young €15

Penetrating parade on faltering memory.

The production premiered during Dutch Dance Days 2018 and received very positive reviews. In this performance Van den Broek combines dance with cameras, image and sound technology and live music, a mix of elements that she has increasingly perfected in recent years. Trouw even speaks of a ‘grandiose montage’.

The blueprint from the title is literally visible on the floor. The performers have control over image and sound in a search for patterns. While Van den Broek asks them questions from the questionnaire of psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer, the dancers get caught up in the chaos on the stage and the compulsive pattern on the floor strains their mental and physical memory. The live music - guitar and electronics - creates the perfect atmosphere.

Julidans closely follows the artistic trajectory of choreographer, Ann Van den Broek. Van den Broek grew from Julidans NEXT to the main stages of the festival. In the meantime she belongs to the dance top with her distinctive minimalist and raw dance, which is always about people and their deepest emotions. ‘Van den Broek's work is the textbook example of the new dance practice, where people no longer think in boxes or national borders.’, Trouw says - perfectly wording why Van den Broek's work fits so well with Julidans.

‘Penetrating live mix of movement, film, sound and text about the dark, unknown world of faltering memory.’ - De Volkskrant.

Blueprint on Memory is part of Julidans NL, a showcase of interesting dance creators in the Netherlands for international dance programmers. The Julidans NL performances are also open to the public.

Julidans organises the international visitors' programme Julidans NL in collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts. The visitors' programme is made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.
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