Julidans NL: REDO

Shailesh Bahoran / Illusionary Rockaz Company (NL)

Julidans NL: REDO

Shailesh Bahoran / Illusionary Rockaz Company (NL)


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At his birth, Redouan Ait Chitt was well behind the game. Without a medical explanation, his body shows exceptional deviations. His right arm is shorter and the elbow joint is missing. He has three fingers on his left hand and only two on his right hand. His right hip is missing and he walks with the aid of a prosthesis. However, Redouan does not believe in boundaries or excuses. He believes in himself. This is why he became an internationally famous break dancer and motivational speaker: Redo.

Fri 5 July 13.00
Theater Bellevue

50 minutes
no intermission
Julidans Young €10

Hip hop phenomenon Redo: a story of inexhaustible willpower.

Together with Redo, Shailesh Bahoran developed the compelling production REDO. A dance performance about inexhaustible willpower and iron discipline. About a long and unknown path on which you come across your greatest opponent: yourself.

During the Dutch Dance Days 2017, Bahoran achieved two distinctions: the one for the most talented choreographer and the prize of Internationalisering, for the performance with the most international potential.

As well as theatre producer and choreographer, Bahoran is also a talented hip hop dancer with a phenomenal technique and much originality. As a choreographer, he is not afraid to think out-of-the-dance-box and he has worked together with, amongst others, Het Nationale Ballet, Don’t Hit Mama, het Nederlands Symfonieorkest, Conny Janssen danst and ISH. This already rought him to places like the Burning Man Festival and Broadway. Three years ago we showed his performance Heritage. Now it’s time for REDO.

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