15 Jul '21 to 16 Jul '21
Alice Ripoll (BRA) / Cie. REC
€ 25,-

A performance about water and soap, and racism. About the question whether we can wash a dirty history clean. Buckets of water and soap, that is what generations of black Brazilians used to clean the houses of the rich, while the racist upper class treated them like dirt. In LAVAGEM ('washing'), Alice Ripoll uses scrubbing and polishing as inspiration for haunting images about this unsavoury history.

Location ITA
Venue Studio 1
Tijd 19:00
NL première

Cheerful bubbles

Asked what he thought of Trump's plans to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, the Uruguayan politician Pepe Mujica replied ironically: 'Who will clean their houses then?' LAVAGEM rephrases the question in an abstract performance. What does the broom need to clean up? The dust in the houses? Or rather the sophisticated ways in which people and groups of people are made invisible? What stench do we smell in the streams of water and soap if we follow the trail of history? In LAVAGEM, colourful suds cover the bodies of the performers. The cheerful bubbles represent the possibility of dreaming. At the same time, the slippery foam makes it difficult to get away or to support each other.

-|-Alice Ripoll (Rio de Janeiro) studied psychology before changing course and starting her dance training. As a choreographer, she focuses on contemporary dance and dance forms that can be seen on the streets of Brazil. She weaves the experiences and memories of her dancers into her works. For example, the idea for LAVAGEM came from dancer Alan Ferreira. An essential part of Ripoll's performances is to be in contact with the audience. She is always looking for new ways to find that closeness with them. Her work can be seen at leading festivals in Brazil and Europe. As co-producer, Julidans actively supports the artistic career of this original Brazilian maker.


Director Alice Ripoll
Original idea Alan Ferreira
Performers Alan Ferreira, Hiltinho Fantástico, Katiany Correia, Rômulo Galvão, Tony Hewerton, Tuany Nascimento
Production Director Natasha Corbelino | Corbelino Cultural
Production and set assistant Thais Peixoto
Artistic assistant Laura Samy
Musical assistant Rodrigo Maré
Photos Renato Mangolin
Set designer Raquel Theo
Costume designer Paula Ströher
Light designer Tomas Ribas
Visagism props Cleber de Oliveira
Tour planning ART HAPPENS
Support Rafael Machado Fisioterapia

Coproduction Kunstenfetivaldesarts, PACT Zollverein, Kaserne Basel, Wiener Festwochen, Julidans, Festival de la Cité Lausanne, Passages Transfestival, Romaeuropa Festival and Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale, Festival d’Automne à Paris.

Special thanks Alexandre Belfort, Sulamita Costa, Juliana França, André Oliveira, Walace Ferreira, Juliete Schultz, Mauricio Lima, Pedro Bento, Thamires Candida, Dilo Paulo, Diewry Patrick, Lenna Santos de Siqueira, Camila Rocha, Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Arnoldo Pereira de Souza, Anita Tandeta, Camila Moura, Renato Linhares, Cecilia Ripoll, Andrea Capella, Casa de Mystérios e Novidades.

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