Let's talk about sex


Let's talk about sex

HNTjong / Noël Fischer


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Let's talk about sex
HNTjong / Noël Fischer

Supersoft popping musical theatre about sex. With live music from festival sensation Prins S. en De Geit. Full of tips & tricks on what you can experience, in bed or anywhere else. Alone or together, from a one-night stand to a steady relationship. Full of physical and emotional goosebump moments. With the look & feel of a thrilling pop concert, five performers play and sing about sexual fantasy, love and desire.

Run time 105 minutes
Genre youth theatre
Language Dutch

Let's talk about sex

All films, series and songs are always about love. Sex is far too little talked about, it remains a taboo. You don't get a manual on how to have sex, what you like and how to talk about it. What does sex actually feel like, the first or second time and afterwards? Is it infatuation or lust? Do you want to be with women, men, both or more?

This summer, The Hague-based electro pop band Prins S. en De Geit played on stage at festivals such as Pinkpop and previously Lowlands, can often be heard on 3FM, among others, and won a 3FM AWARD for best indie pop in 2023, and has more than 2 million streams on Spotify with hits such as "Kinderboederij" "nacht" and "gastenlijst".
Frontman Scott Beekhuizen (aka Prins S.), composer-producer/guitarist Marne Miesen and 'electro-connoisseur' Daniel Ortgiess create uplifting raw dance beats mixed with Dutch spoken poetry.

After the award-winning audience hit Trojan Wars, Peer Wittenbols (lyrics) and Noël Fischer (direction) make this unique combination of Dutch pop, comedy and the Netflix series: Sex Education.

© Bowie Verschuuren
© Bowie Verschuuren
Director Noël Fischer photographed by Gordon Meuleman. Let's talk about sex in Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA).

Noël Fischer about Let’s talk about sex

‘Between dream and deed stretches the area of fantasy and imagination, where everything is possible and nothing is unthinkable, that's what all pop songs are about, that's where poetry is, that's where you want to be.’


directed by Noël Fischer
text Peer Wittenbols
performance Kimberley Agyarko, Scott Beekhuizen, Diewertje Dir, Jelle Hoekstra and Yamill Jones
music Prins S. en De Geit
dramaturgy Martine Manten
lighting design Uri Rapaport
costumes Sacha Zwiers
stage assistant Dimphna van Kempen
educators Iselin van Duuren, Laura van Zuylen and Lotte de Leeuw

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