We Are On The Move (NL)


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12 Jul '19
We Are On The Move (NL)

Under the inspirational management of Enver Liesdek, talented young people give performances about diversity, finding your own place and the power of friendship. A catchy and energetic mix of urban, contemporary and classical. They are on the move!

Fri 12 July 20.00
Bijlmer Parktheater

45 minutes
No intermission
Julidans Young €8.50

Everything is energy with the talented young people from We Are On The Move.

Enver Liesdek is an artist with a mission. The man who once performed in the legendary New York Apollo Theater gives dancing lessons in Amsterdam-Southeast to children aged 4 to 22 years old. For this purpose, he set up We Are On The Move, where children and young people become acquainted with dance in all its forms: hip-hop, jazz, African and modern dance. In addition, the Talent class is becoming skilled in classical dance.

We Are On The Move also invites guest choreographers to produce dance performances such as Arc - en ciel, AMD Vibes Wantarana, Alles = Energie, The Concept and Friends and Vibes. Here the versatility and colorfulness of society are expressed and stories from the present and the past are told. But not only that: the performances are also about the energy of dance, the search for freedom and the power of friendship.

Since 2018, the group has been partner of the Bijlmer Parktheater. There, Julidans presents their new production N'zassa, which can also be seen in the days after at the famous Kwaku Summer Festival.