Public tour (in Dutch)

Public tour (in Dutch)
07 Sep '24 to 05 Jul '25
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Every first Saturday of the month, you can join the public tour (in English) of the building and get a peek behind all the doors that would otherwise remain closed.

Run time 90 minutes
Price € 10
Date Every first Saturday of the month

Welcome to ITA

Every first Saturday of the month, a public guided tour starts at 3:00 pm in the ITA info hall. It costs € 7.50 and lasts an hour and a half. Tickets can be bought online or at the box office. The public tour is in Dutch.
Discover the history of our theatre (a national monument), visit places that are normally not accessible to visitors, wander along the stage and the dressing rooms, hear all about the architecture and get all the anecdotes about what has happened here in the past centuries.

Tailor-made group tours are also possible. Please contact