Opening Black Achievement Month 2021


Opening Black Achievement Month 2021

Stichting Black Achievement Month presenteert i.s.m. ITA


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Opening Black Achievement Month 2021
Stichting Black Achievement Month presenteert i.s.m. ITA
€ 25

The opening takes place with the theatre play "Between the World and Me", which is inspired by the novella of the same name "Between the World and Me" by the award-winning American writer Ta Nehisi Coates.

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From 20:00 - 21.30

The book is a long letter from the author to his 15-year-old son in which he describes what it is like to grow up as a black boy in America. An America that tells itself that racial divisions are a thing of the past, but ongoing violent incidents reveal a different reality. The play is a musical theatrical adaptation translated to Dutch society by John Leerdam.

The play features the following artists: Spoken word artist Liza Ma Neza, singers Glen and Jaïr Faria, dancer Junadry Leocaria, ballerina Sebia Plantefève-Castryck and musicalist Walter E. Muringen. Noraly Beyer will be presenting the show.

Black Achievement Month

Black Achievement Month is held annually in the month of October. The festival aims to put the exceptional talents of people with African roots in the spotlight. This year, Black Achievement Month will take place from 1 October to 1 November in Almere, Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Middelburg, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

This year's theme is 'Connected Generations'. "With this we indicate that each generation is formed and builds on a previous generation. We are not separate individuals and do not live exclusively in the here and now. We come from afar and pass the baton to the future generation. We stand, as it were, on each other's shoulders. The past has an effect on the present and consequences for the future. This fact, this awareness is essential", says John Leerdam, artistic leader of Black Achievement Month.

The Black Achievement Month focuses on three pillars:
1. B: Visual arts and theatre: exhibitions, performances, films;
2. A: Artists: singers, dancers, musicians, actors, theatrical producers, spoken word artists;
3. M: Social debate and discussion: on current and image-defining themes, held with scientists, professionals, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, intellectuals and writers.


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