Hotperdomme Nou!


Hotperdomme Nou!


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Hotperdomme Nou!

It’s always a good old laugh with those Moluccan theatre brothers, The Brothers Timisela. But there is more going on. They show us that in their fourth programme Hotperdomme Nou! (Well, Gosh Darn It!) After a theatre break of a year, they are returning with a bizarre story. Truly bizarre.

Grote Zaal
Duration: 1 hour 50 min, without intermission

A mix of taboos, betrayals and secrets.

They came from nowhere and suddenly they were playing to sold out theatres all over the Netherlands. That hadn’t even been their intention. During that period, a lot changed for brothers Henry and Joshua. They became fathers. And they suddenly lost their mother. Meanwhile, the public wanted more, more and more. After this, they took some time out. But not for long... because they’re back!

After a year-long theatre break, The Brothers Timisela - Henry and Joshua - return with a bizarre story. A truly bizarre one. One day, they were invited to speak somewhere. They drove to their destination. So far, so good. Once they arrived at the venue where the event was to take place, they got talking to a special woman. From that moment on, they ended up in a mix of taboos, betrayals and secrets. It was precisely this meeting that gave Henry and Joshua new insights about colonial history, fatherhood and loyalty. But actually about much more than that. How does this story end? And what do police cars, guitar music and Surinam have to do with it?

Discover it in the Hotperdomme Nou road trip!