La Veronal / Marcos Morau


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La Veronal / Marcos Morau

On the planet of Pasionaria, Spanish choreographer Marcos Morau tries to find out what happens when technology advances, a development in which feelings seem to have no role to play. Can we live without love, without suffering?

Duration 75min
Grote Zaal

A strobe is used in the performance

Rising star Marcos Morau goes in search of what makes us human.

From his home base in Spain, choreographer Marcos Morau is working hard to conquer Europe. Together with other kindred spirits, he founded La Veronal, a club of artists active in dance, film, literature and photography. They make work that they hope will touch the viewer without conforming to the boundaries between genres. Morau's work refers just as easily to Renaissance art as to Pasolini's films or Jiří Kylián's modern dance.

Morau also works as a choreographer for major international companies, such as the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and the Goteborgs Danskompani. His show Siena was performed at Julidans in 2014. It's a performance that 'swells with excitement', according to Theaterkrant. In 2018 Morau showed his work at Julidans NEXT.

In Pasionaria Morau joins eight dancers in search of the ideal world, the high point of progress – a planet he calls Pasionaria. The creatures that live there look like us in every way. They're perfect copies of us, humans. There's only one thing missing: passion. They've stopped feeling, and that changes everything. The eight dancers move like us, talk like us and look like us. But they don't have what makes us human.


Marcos Morau: director
Marcos Morau in collaboration with the dancers: choreography
Lorena Nogal: choreography assistance
Estela Merlos: repetitor
Roberto Fratini & Celso Giménez: artistic & dramaturgical advice
Àngela Boix, Jon López, Richard Mascherin, Núria Navarra, Lorena Nogal, Shay Partush , Marina Rodríguez & Sau-Ching Wong: dance
Max Glaenzel: scenography
Silvia Delagneau: costume design
Carmen Soriano: execution costumes
GADGET Efectos Especiales: masks, accessories
Ricardo Vergne: helmets
Martí Doy: prostheses
Goretti Puente: execution of "spheres"
Natalio Martín: footwear
Juan Cristóbal Saavedra: sound design
Bernat Jansà: lighting design and technical direction
David Pascual: technical assistance and special effects
Mirko Zeni: stage technology
Juan Manuel Gil Galindo & Cristina Goñi Adot: executive producer

A co-production of Teatros del Canal (Madrid), Théâtre National de Chaillot (Paris), Les Thétres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Sadler's Wells (London), Tanz Im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), Grec Festival de Barcelona - Institut the Cultura Ajuntament de Barcelona, ​​Oriente Occidente Dance festival (Rovereto) and Mercat de les fl ors (Barcelona). With the support of El Graner Center de Creacio (Barcelona), INAEM - Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte de España and ICEC - Department de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

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