Theater Rotterdam / Alida Dors


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Theater Rotterdam / Alida Dors

Can we give in to our desire to give and receive love? How can we allow ourselves to feel compassion and connection? How can we forgive our enemies - the enemy outside, but also those inside ourselves? In Primisi, Surinamese for "permission", artistic director, theatre maker and choreographer Alida Dors asks seven performers, each with their own feminine energy, to explore.

Run time 75 minutes
Genre dance
Language Language no problem

Artist Talk Thu November 24
In Gesprek Fri November 25


After exploring the themes of "fighting and resilience" in Or Die Trying and R.I.O.T., Dors is now steering her Dance Chronicles in a new direction: "love". In this new choreography at Theatre Rotterdam, we see the shine of love, but also its shadow sides. Dors dissects love in an intimate way and lets the sweet water flow. In Primisi, we experience love as a ritual washing.

Alida Dors: "Primisi is a festive discharge in which we detach ourselves from our fears and shed our role patterns. We explore the potential of feminine energy. For me personally, the meaning of Primisi lies in listening to my ancestors and inner strength, to enter into an authentic relationship with the other through raw, rhythmic movement."-|-
In Primisi, Dors interweaves a rich palette of dance forms such as Hiphop, Vogue and Krump with contemporary dance. Set to live music by four musicians, we see how the relationships between the performers take shape, but also each person's relationship with their own femininity. A landscape of ropes gives the story of interconnections and commitments an earthy foundation.

As Dors says in her State of Theatre and her State of Dance, "we must be unashamedly hopeful and wholeheartedly searching for our individual and collective heartstrings". Primisi invites everyone to do just that. Get ready for a celebration, an exorcism, exposure, enchantment, commitment, a caring and enlightening ritual: bring your own soul!

© Mark Bolk
© Mark Bolk


"As the audience, you want to become part of it, take a seat amid the musicians to encourage the dancers."


"Choreographer Alida Dors opens a refreshing window into supernatural, feminine forces from the twenty-first century."

24 NOV - Artist Talk

A look behind the scenes and conversation with the makers form an interesting contribution to your visit of a performance. Therefore, ITA Academy continues the a series of Artist Talks: in-depth discussions with inspiring makers about their work and working methods, motives, sources of inspiration and fascinations. Register for free entry.

The first Artist Talk of the season will take place on Thursday 24 November. After the performance, moderator Carolien Borgers will talk to Alida Dors.

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After the performance, come and think, listen and chat at In Gesprek. We invite a guest to further explore the themes of Primisi and to exchange experiences. If you have any questions, this is the perfect time to ask them. In Gesprek is free of charge and starts shortly after the performance in one of our foyers, is conducted in Dutch and lasts about half an hour.


concept en choreography Alida Dors
assistant choreography en repetitor Nicole Geertruida
dramaturgy Eylül Fidan Akıncı
dancers Anaiah Raelyn Carney, Dayna Martinez Morales, Deion Simon, Fiona Dekkers, Liza Panjoel, Vainergill Thurnim
vocalist Youandi Albertzoon
scenographer Ludmila Rodrigues
costume Karin van der Leeuw, Sara Hakkenberg
light design Axel Dikkers-|-
composer en musical supervision Simone Giacomini
music team Simone Giacomini, Vicente Pino, Raphael Vanoli, Gerri Jager
technicians John Thijssen, Sidney van Geest, Arjen Fortuin, Jimmy Niesen
production Angelique van Beckhoven, Annekoos Logtenberg, Fien van Vliet (stagiaire)
marketing Dieke van der Spek, Brecht de Backer, Robin Laurens, Odair Nascimento Alves
education Bobbi Vlaspolder, Anne Sollie
personal assistant Alida Dors Abigael Sijahailatua

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