Promise me

Lieve Stad 2022

Promise me

Kabinet K / hetpaleis


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Promise me
Kabinet K / hetpaleis
1+rank € 28.50 / 1st rank € 25.50 / 2nd rank € 23 / 3th rank € 18 / 4th rank € 10 / 5th rank € 10

A hymn to the untamed, the reckless, the brave
a flirtation with danger, an ode to unbridled curiosity

About letting go of certainties and embracing risks
About the explosive forces that life contains
about scars and the stories they leave behind on our skin

seven dancers make a pact, across generations,
that is sealed by live music

Start 7:30 pm
Location Grote Zaal
Duration 65 minutes
Language language no problem

25 March - 3 april

Lieve Stad,

Amsterdam is a city of many faces, literally, because we live here together with many different nationalities. Lieve Stad is about the city and all its inhabitants. This festival, a collaboration between ITA and Meervaart, is about bringing people together, in the city, in the theatre, in society. How do we live together and what stories do all individuals and groups carry with them? They all have their own stories, strengths and challenges. Showing these is the starting point of Lieve Stad.



choreography joke laureyns & kwint manshoven
composition and live music thomas devos
with ido batash, ilena deboeverie, téa mahaux, zélie mahaux, quint manshoven, juliette spildooren, lili van den bruel
stage design dirk de hooghe & kwint manshoven
dramaturgy mieke versyp & koen haagdorens
lighting dirk de hooghe
sound lorin duquesne
costumes valerie le roy
communication and distribution mieke versyp
production manager marieke cardinaels
photography kurt van der elst
production kabinet k & hetpaleis
with thanks to les ballets c de la b
with the support of the Flemish Community, the City of Ghent & the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government via Casa Kafka