Set of Sets


Set of Sets

GN\MC / Guy Nader & Maria Campos


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Set of Sets
GN\MC / Guy Nader & Maria Campos

Can you grasp something as elusive as time on stage? This Lebanese-Spanish choreographer duo has done a marvellous job at it. Their impressive dancers defy time and gravity.

A journey through memory in a labyrinth of dancing bodies.

Guy Nader and Maria Campos - he is from Lebanon, she from Spain - operate as a duo from Barcelona. As a follow up from Perpetuum, a piece for 15 dancers, and the quintet Time Takes the Time Takes, Set of Sets is also about that elusive force that drives our lives forward: time.

How do we experience time in the maze of our memory and how do you make it visible? The dancers make the passage of time, and the perseverance of life, visible through a game of repetition and rhythm. They go to extremes and defy gravity in a labyrinth of dancing bodies.

Nader and Campos founded their company GN | MC in 2006. Since then, they have continued to reinvent their artistic language by constantly exploring new areas of dance. Their foundation is a language of movement that is powerful and physically demanding, explores the limits of the dancers' abilities, but also offers room for tenderness and vulnerability alongside strength. Their work can be seen at the international dance festivals in Europe and the Middle East and has been awarded several dance prizes.


concept GN|MC Guy Nader | Maria Campos
direction Guy Nader
dancers Maria Campos, Guy Nader, Roser Tutusaus, Lisard Tranis, Clementine Telesfort, Csaba Varga,
Tom Weksler

Music: Miguel Marín
lighting design Yaron Abulafia
costume design Anna Ribera

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