25 Apr '22 to 26 Apr '22
1st rank € 31.5/ 2nd rank € 29 / 3rd rank € 18.5

LeineRoebana creates diverse, internationally acclaimed performances. With stars from classical music or a gamelan ensemble. With metal or with vocalists. Always with special results. Some performances are theatrical, playful or fiery, others emphasise pure dance, while others are impressive structures of disciplines. For the duo, dance is a physical way of thinking, in order to relate to the world around them.

Start time: 20:00
Duration: tba
Location: Rabozaal

For STORM, LeineRoebana works together with Composer Laureate Calliope Tsoupaki.

Tsoupaki has undeniable roots in Greece, including ancient Greece. In her work, from large orchestral works and operas to intimate pieces for solo instruments, the sound of the past is the driving force that guides her both energetic and melancholic compositions.

STORM is a unique collaboration between a composer who dares to think in terms of movement and choreographers who shape the sound.

-|-Calliope on her desire to work with the choreographer duo:
“I would like to collaborate with dance and specifically with LeineRoebana to bring about a fusion of dance and music. By seeking and creating unexpected connections together. By using dance and music contrapuntally: You see the rhythm, but you don't hear it. I expect that I can take a new step here with LeineRoebana”.

STORM is a quest by Calliope Tsoupaki, Andrea Leine and Harijono Roebana and their dancers, clarinettist David Kweksilber and lute player and vocalist David Mackor, which begins with the purity of the sound and the sincerity of the movement and broadens into a veritable storm of experiences.


choreography Andrea Leine en Harijono Roebana
Calliope Tsoupaki
dancers Uri Eugenio, Andrea Pisano, Timon De Ridder, Kris Mohammed Adem, Aika Goto, Emma Bogerd
musicians David Kweksilber, David Mackor
stage design Andrea Leine, Harijono Roebana and Jeroen Smith
lighting design Jeroen Smith

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