The Upside Down Man (The Son of the Road)


The Upside Down Man (The Son of the Road)

Mohamed Toukabri (TU/BE)


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The Upside Down Man (The Son of the Road)
Mohamed Toukabri (TU/BE)

‘There is nobody quite like Toukrabi. Graceful ballet lines merge into acrobatic floor work. It’s exciting how he gives breakdance the weightlessness of ballet.' De Standaard saw the first choreography by Tunisian Belgian, Mohamed Toukrabi and saw that it was good: ‘It makes you want more.’

Thu 4 July 19:00
Friday, 5 July 20.30
Mosaic podium

NL premiere

50 minutes
No interval
€15 (€17 on the door)
Julidans Jong €10

Graceful ballet lines and breakdance in a virtuoso autobiographical solo.

It’s no wonder that Toukrabi knows how to combine ballet with breakdance like no other. The boy who, as a thirteen-year-old, was known as the best head spinner in the city on the streets of Tunis (artist name: Benny!), was later seen dancing in performances by the world's greatest choreographers. Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, to name but two.

Toukrabi studied at De Keersmaeker's prestigious dance training P.A.R.T.S. and then joined the multidisciplinary group Needcompany. He also did a follow-up study in Tunis. All these influences are reflected in his dance: east and west, street dance and ballet.

In his autobiographical solo The Upside Down Man (The Son of the Road), Toukrabi talks about his unique past and his love of dancing. He does so in a modest and charming way. As such, the major themes of migration and homelessness are not emphasized, although are there. 'Toukabri is a disarming performer who wears his heart on his sleeve. Family photos can be seen hanging on the wall as well as a video of his father dancing to Billie Jean. The direct way he addresses us makes it feel as if Toukabri is inviting us into his living room, not in a theatre.’ - De Standaard.

While this show is successfully touring Europe, Toukrabi is working on another, equally personal dance piece: a performance with his mother.