ITA Academy invites everyone to join us in exploring, philosophising, building and creating. We challenge students to find the artist mindset in themselves and turn it on. Guided by inspiring artists and art teachers, we explore society, your own role in it and what 'the other' means in it. This is how we help build a generation of young people who, through having the space and curiosity, want to and are able to shape their future according to their own insights and creative solutions.

Whether you teach students in primary, secondary or higher education; ITA Academy offers something for every age group and every level of education. Visit a production in our large theatre halls, discover ITA behind the scenes during one of our (theatrical) tours, take a MAAK-workshop related to a specific theme, come to specially developed English-language programmes, use one of our Theatre Toolkits to set to work with your pupils/students, find (digital) teaching materials on our website or find a spot for yourself or your pupil/student at ITA in your free time.


Information and reservations

Anne Lotte Heijink | head
Wilma Smilde | project manager
Rosa Fontein | staff member
Diederik Imfeld | staff member
Evelien Kanters | staff member
Iris Pattiapon | staff member
Joanne Purperhart | staff member
Ayşe Nur Salli | staff member

ITA has a team of over 50 qualified art teachers who work at ITA on a freelance basis.

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