ITA alliance

ITA is aware of the responsibility it bears for the Dutch theater system and has for many years entered into alliances with makers who work artistically in full autonomy, whereby ITA takes care of their business management, sales, marketing and administration.

Adelheid|Female Economy

For many years we have been associated with Adelheid | Female Economy, the artistic office of theater maker Adelheid Roosen.

Adelheid's work is intertwined with the search for the Other: "I am there because you are there." It is not an attempt to understand the strange. Adelheid turns the perspective and tries to show that there is actually no stranger.

Based on the idea that ultimately everything is an illusion, Adelheid | Female Economy is working on a new economic thought: "Come near, just come to me" / Hélène Cixous. Adelheid | Female Economy extends both arms to interculturality, she seeks the thorns with flower and all. This is her culture and that is Art.

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