Internationaal Theater Amsterdam presents ITALive. Through live streams, we bring highlights from our repertoire directly to your living room. This way you can experience what is being performed live on our stage at the Leidseplein from the comfort of your home.

We already streamed Medea (30 Oct), Who Killed My Father (6 Nov), The hidden force (27 Nov), Sign of The Times: David Van Reybrouck (29 Nov), Adem (12 Dec), Kings of war (10 Jan), Weg met Eddy Bellegueule (22 Jan), Roman tragedies (14 Feb), La reprise (7 Mar), Oedipus (21 Mar), Triptych (3 Apr) and The things that pass (25 Apr).

Through ITALive we expand our programme and this way we are able to bring our productions to screens all over the world.

The livestreams can be subtitled in English and/or French. This will be specified for each performance.


Me and my partner want to watch together, do we have to buy two tickets?

As with any other performance, you will need to buy one ticket per person for the performance. For each purchase, you will receive a password and a link to the live stream one hour before the start of the show.

How many people can watch the stream, is there a chance I’ll miss out, if I don’t buy a ticket early?

Yes, there is a maximum capacity as to how many people can watch the stream.

I live outside the Netherlands, can I still watch the livestream?

Yes! Assuming your country doesn’t block the content, our live streams are available globally. The livestream will be subtitled in English.

Will there be subtitles?

Yes, the live stream will be subtitled in English.

Can I also cast the live stream via my Chrome cast or Apple TV?

Unfortunately, the livestream player has no direct casting capability. At the moment, however, Vimeo is the best platform for ITA to make live streams possible.

What is the camera positioning? Is there a single camera or are there multiple cameras?

The livestream will be recorded with multiple cameras from different angles.

Can I watch the live streams at a different time?

The livestream will be broadcasted in real-time. The show will be performed live in our theatre and you will be able to see - via a live connection - what is going on in the theatre at that moment. The live stream can only be viewed live at the time of the broadcast.

Can I record the livestream?

Audio or video recording on your own device is strictly prohibited. Knowledge of such actions, including posting a video of the stream, can hurt your chances of being able to view or access virtual events in the future.

When will I receive a link to watch the livestream?

A link with details on how to join will be emailed to you one hour before the event. Please double check your junk folder for your email with the livestream link.

What if I am late?

Just like any live performance,you could miss parts of if it you join in late. Unfortunately there is no possibility to rewind the livestream.

I can’t hear anything.

If you are unable to hear any sound try playing something through a different website and ensure that your speakers/headphones are working correctly. Additionally, ensure that you have not muted the sound on the live stream. If the problem persists sometimes a simple re-boot of your computer/tablet will resolve the issue.

My video stopped working. What do I do?

Refresh the page and you will be brought back to the stream in real time and will continue viewing from where the performance currently is. If the problem continues, check your internet, data capabilities and video settings on your device.

Can I fast forward or rewind the video?

You’re part of a live experience. Everyone is watching a live broadcast which means that there is no way to fast forward or rewind the video.

All I can see is a holding page?

The stream does not start until the performance starts.

What if the stream cuts out or the link isn’t working?

First, please check your internet connection by visiting (you should see at least 40 mpbs). Also, try clearing your cookies/cache and closing all apps on your computer/phone or tablet. If problems persist, we suggest you try a different internet browser or device. You can login using the same link and the password you have received previously.

My password is invalid. What do I do?

Please double check that you have entered the correct code, as it may be case-sensitive. Try the code on a separate device or browser as well.

If I refresh my screen for this ticketed event, do I have to log in again?

No. As long as you’ve entered your unique code and you are logged in, you can refresh the page without problems. If you get ‘thrown out’, just log back in using the code you received.

I can no longer watch on the date on which I bought tickets. Can I exchange my tickets or get my money back?

We will take tickets back in exchange for a voucher. You may also exchange your tickets for another live stream.

I bought too many tickets. What do I do?

We will take tickets back in exchange for a voucher. You may exchange your tickets for another live stream.

I have more/other questions. Who can I contact?

If you have any questions or need support regarding your purchase or the stream, please email and we will be happy to help you.

The livestreams are powered by donations from benefactors of ITA , members of the Othello Society and by
Fonds 21