September 04 / Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Denise de Boer to join ITA as new business director

Today, the Supervisory Board announces its intention to appoint Denise de Boer as business director at ITA from 1 October 2023. De Boer, currently quartermaster/project director at Kunstmuseum Flevoland, will be part of ITA's three-member board along with general director Clayde Menso and artistic director Eline Arbo.

Denise de Boer (1984) is an experienced executive in the cultural sector. She was quartermaster for a new art museum in Almere since 2020. Commissioned by the three governments (the state, the province of Flevoland and the municipality of Almere), she investigated the possibilities for a new museum facility for large-scale contemporary art and landscape art in Almere, Flevoland and shaped it both in terms of business and content. With a large-scale pilot project called M., de Boer created support among residents and stakeholders.

Before that, De Boer was business deputy director at the Frans Hals Museum for almost five years, where she helped lead a major transformation of the museum. Denise graduated cum laude in business economics (MSc in Finance) and museum studies (MA).

Leontine van der Goes, chairman of the Supervisory Board: 'We are very pleased with the arrival of Denise de Boer as ITA's business director. Denise has extensive experience as a director in the cultural sector and has expertise in finance and change processes. She loves to inspire others and knows how to get things done in a pleasant way. It is this vision and leadership style that are a perfect match for ITA. Together with co-directors Clayde Menso and Eline Arbo, we have an energetic, ambitious, connecting and complementary management team.'-|-Directors Clayde Menso and Eline Arbo: 'We are enormously pleased and proud that Denise de Boer completes our management team with her solid financial profile, enthusiasm and managerial experience. We look forward to further shaping ITA's future together with her, our staff and partners.'

Denise de Boer: 'ITA is a unique institution with a beautiful theatre in the heart of Amsterdam and a world-renowned ensemble. At ITA, you experience the beauty of the performing arts and are confronted with current and urgent themes, which provoke thought and conversation. ITA is also the place for meetings, talent development and education. As business director, I will do my utmost to create the financial and organisational conditions necessary for a permanently successful and future-proof ITA.'

© photographer Erwin Budding