October 04

Director Wouter van Ransbeek leaves ITA

The Supervisory Board of Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA) announces that creative director Wouter van Ransbeek has decided to leave ITA after more than 15 years. The reasons for this decision lie in the personal ambitions of Van Ransbeek to take a new step. Van Ransbeek: “I have been able to make an incredible development within both Toneelgroep Amsterdam and after the merger with ITA. It is important at some point to let go of certainties and to look for the unexpected and the unknown. I think that's good and healthy. I leave behind a wonderful and successful theater and I will always remain connected to ITA in my heart."

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Marry de Gaay Fortman states that Van Ransbeek has played a major role in the growth of ITA. Partly under his leadership, Toneelgroep Amsterdam has developed into an internationally leading company that has toured theaters in all parts of the world and works with renowned international directors. Van Ransbeek was also a driving force behind the talent program TA2 and the merger that resulted in Internationaal Theater Amsterdam; Van Ransbeek co-led the realization of Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA), the merger and transformation of Toneelgroep Amsterdam and the Stadsschouwburg into a innovative programming and producing theater. During the recent corona crisis, Van Ransbeek was one of the founders of ITA's new digital stage: ITALive.

De Gaay Fortman: “Wouter has played a major role in many areas, Wouters' contribution to the development of ITA can hardly be overstated. We are very grateful to him for that and wish him all the best."

Van Ransbeek will resign from his duties as director of the organization with effect from 1 January 2022. Until then, he will be completing current projects and handing over his duties. The Supervisory Board respects Van Ransbeek's decision and thanks him very much for the way in which he has contributed to the development and success of ITA in recent years in his various positions, most recently as creative director. A procedure to find a successor will be started soon.