September 06 / Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

ITA-Gala: Een avond voor de stad

Looking back on Tuesday 5 September, we can proudly say that the ITA Gala was an absolute highlight in our still early season. It marks the beginning of a long-term investment in cultural education in our city and beyond.

In the next two years, International Theater Amsterdam promises to invite sixteen schools from different neighborhoods in Amsterdam to the theater on Leidseplein free of charge, with the aim of giving young people the opportunity to come into contact with theater and culture. We strive to make a long-term contribution to cultural education in Amsterdam and the rest of the country, to open the lives of young people to new possibilities and inspiration.

The programme, presented by Sosha Duysker, was a special amalgamation of established names such as master storyteller Sadettin Kırmızıyüz and our own ITA ensemble, but also work by young and emerging talents such as choreographer Dalton Jansen and the young people who have played in one of the our ITA junior productions.

A celebration of culture, community and the promise of a better future for the city of Amsterdam. Thanks to the support and involvement of our friends, donors, corporate partners and funds, we can ensure that 1600 students can become acquainted with the magic of theatre. In the middle of our Amsterdam.

We look back on an exceptionally special evening and promise to continue building a city in which art and culture are accessible to everyone.