June 08 / Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Ticket sales open for ROCKY HORROR SHOW

Theatre producers Ruud de Graaf and Hans Cornelissen announce that ticket sales start today for the crazy musical the ROCKY HORROR SHOW with the international Dutch star Sven Ratzke, 'grande dame' Ellen Pieters, Esmée Dekker, Samir Hassan and Yoran de Bont in the leading roles. Besides them, Raymond Kurvers, Sabine Beens, Erik Brey, Barry Beijer, Anna Joan and Jary Sluijter will also play important roles. De Graaf & Cornelissen Entertainment is proud that this world hit will premiere July 27 with a series of performances through August 8 in ITA at Leidseplein, during Amsterdam Pride. The ROCKY HORROR SHOW will be directed by Martin Michel, Jeremy Baker did the Dutch translation.

When Sven Ratzke performed the role of Master of Ceremonies in our version of the musical CABARET in 2008, we were already talking to him about the ROCKY HORROR SHOW," says artistic director Hans Cornelissen. Now it has arrived. Unexpectedly relevant, because many achievements in terms of 'freedom' from the last decades of the last century are under pressure. A certain degree of corruption is setting in and every word is being weighed up. The ROCKY HORROR SHOW is a show in which everything is finally possible and acceptable, both on stage and in the audience. A crazy rock musical. And it starts at a unique location, especially for a musical. In the light of Amsterdam Pride, the production will be staged for a longer period of time in that illustrious theatre temple on the Leidseplein, the magnificent ITA.

The ROCKY HORROR SHOW is an homage to the classic B-science fiction films and horror genres full of libido tests with irresistible rock music, featuring cult hits like Let's do the time warp again. Over the years, the show has become an absolute must-see worldwide and has built up a long tradition of interaction with the audience.

Lead actor Sven Ratzke is a German-Dutch entertainer who has been performing internationally since 1999. He has performed in England, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, among other countries. He also plays regularly at the famous Lincoln Center in New York.

-|- Right in the middle of Amsterdam Pride Week, the ROCKY HORROR SHOW will start at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. 'Visibility of the LGBTQ+ community requires continuous attention and this is no different in times of corona,' says Wouter van Ransbeek, director Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA) 'Since 2018, ITA embraces the Amsterdam Pride week with its own programming that celebrates everything that is different from the "hetero norm". This year we are doing this in collaboration with Ruud de Graaf and Hans Cornelissen with the kick-off of the ROCKY HORROR SHOW with Sven Ratzke. What began in the 1970s as an idea for a musical based on B-movies and the science fiction genre grew into a cultural phenomenon, a liberation hit. But even today, the play is still a call to embrace "being different" and to build together a society where your gender/gender/orientation is simply a given.'

The ROCKY HORROR SHOW, after the special series of summer performances from 27 July to 8 August in ITA, will also be performed from September 2021 to January 2022 in theatres throughout the Netherlands. Ticket sales start today via our website.

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