Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Horror Show
27 Jul '21 to 08 Aug '21
De Graaf & Cornelissen / Martin Michel
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The most insane rock musical where anything goes!

Nominated for 5 Tony Awards, the ROCKY HORROR SHOW is a worldwide phenomenon and an absolute must-see! An evening full of irresistible rock music where it is difficult to sit still. An evening when finally everything is allowed again. The world hit is coming to the Netherlands and to your theatre for the first time! Starring Sven Ratzke, Esmée Dekker, Ellen Pieters, Samir Hassan and Yoran de Bont among others.

Grote zaal
Dutch spoken
With intermission
Starting time: 8 pm / matinees on Sunday 3 pm

Don't dream it, be it

In this crazy cult musical, newly engaged couple Brad and Janet find themselves in the world of the bizarre doctor Frank-N-Furter, his muscular blond super creation Rocky, his servant Riff-Raff and his sister Magenta. The stormy evening degenerates into a downright libido test in which the sexual escapades of Frank-N-Furter, Brad, Janet and Rocky blur many boundaries. Don't dream it, be it.

The first musical from the 1960s that already stood for diversity and dared to portray free sexuality. The show is a hysterical parody of the classic science fiction and B-horror films and has a long tradition of interacting with the audience, -|-such as with the world-renowned cult hit 'The Time Warp'. A show in which everyone is allowed to participate and everything is allowed again!

The main role is played by Sven Ratzke; a unique artist and personality, acclaimed for his own programmes such as 'Homme Fatale' and 'Where are we now' (with music by David Bowie). Productions that were also very successful internationally. Besides Sven Ratzke, he also worked with musical star Ellen Pieters and the young talents Esmée Dekker and Samir Hassan.

Press about the ROCKY HORROR SHOW

“Vibrant, fresh, energetic – absolutely fantastic” - ★★★★★

“It rocks!” - ★★★★★ Daily Star Sunday

“Fresh, subversive, essential” - ★★★★★ Daily Telegraph

“Fierce and fabulous fun” - ★★★★ Daily Express


The ROCKY HORROR SHOW will start right in the middle of Amsterdam Pride Week. 'Visibility of the LGBTQ+ community requires continuous attention and this is no different in times of corona,' says Wouter van Ransbeek, director Internationaal Theater Amsterdam. 'Since 2018, ITA embraces the Amsterdam Pride week with its own programming that celebrates everything that is different from the "hetero norm". This year we are doing this in collaboration with Ruud de Graaf and Hans Cornelissen with the kick-off of the ROCKY HORROR SHOW with Sven Ratzke. What began in the 1970s as an idea for a musical based on B-movies and the science fiction genre grew into a cultural phenomenon, a liberation hit. But even today, the show is still an appeal to embrace 'being different' and to build together a society in which your sex/gender/orientation is simply a given.'

Cast and creatives

Sven Ratzke | Ellen Pieters | Esmée Dekker | Samir Hassan | Yoran de Bont among others.

Script & music: Richard O’Brien | Director: Martin Michel | Translation: Jeremy Baker | Choreography: Chiara Re