ROCKY HORROR SURVIVAL TIPS for your ultimate first time!

Anyone who has never been to a live performance of ROCKY HORROR SHOW is known as a Rocky Horror Virgin. For every first time applies; good preparation is half the battle and take your time. So here are some handy DO's and DON'Ts for an unforgettable first time. Or second. Or third. Or…

ROCKY HORROR SURVIVAL TIPS for your ultimate first time!


Come in your own clothes. Dressing up is not required. Everything is allowed and nothing is necessary. After your first experience, you may feel more adventurous next time and also want to put on a pair of fishnet stockings.

Buttttt… feel free to dress up lavishly. Think corsets, stilettos, stockings, suspenders and red lipstick. Or come as one of the characters; for example the nerdy look of Brad or his prudish fiancée Janet, more daring is sexy maid costume à la Magenta, or a flamboyant Frank N. Furter look with a black lace corset, heels and a pearl necklace. Something for everyone! Live your life.

Bring suitable props such as rubber gloves, party hats, glow sticks, playing cards, a newspaper... these items are often used during the performance. The cast ensures that you are on the edge of your seat at the right time with the right attribute. For those who can't wait, below is an overview of the attributes and the user manual.

Join the Time Warp. No complicated dance, just simple and fun. And the handy thing is that the song tells you exactly what to do..."It's just a jump to the left and then a step to the right..."

Shout out lyrics. Audience participation is an important part of the show, but stick to the directions. Listen to what to do and collectively shout at the actors at the right time.

Most importantly, have fun!



Don't judge or joke about other people's costumes. It's no contest. The show encourages everyone to be themselves and let themselves go.

Do not throw rice or water. Don't really throw anything. So safe.

Do not shout lyrics from the movie, as the performances use different phrases.

Don't panic if someone asks you if you are a Rocky Horror Virgin. We've all been virgins and once has to be the first time.

Nerves are not necessary. The Rocky Horror Show is all about FUN. So throw yourself in and get ready for an unforgettable experience.


  • Confetti
  • Newspaper
  • Paper or plastic bag
  • Rubber Household Gloves
  • Flashlight
  • Paper Party Hats
  • Party Horn
  • A little Bell
  • A deck of Cards

*NOTE: Water, toast, rice, candles, lighters or other food products are not allowed!



Paper Bag - Blow up the bag and detonate it the moment Brad and Janet get a blowout.

Newspaper - When Brad and Janet get caught in a rainstorm, Janet covers her head with a newspaper. At the moment, the public is hiding under the taken newspaper.

- In the song "Until you're locked Frankenstein" the phrase "Follow the light" occurs several times. During
this sentence, shine your flashlight. Your phone's flash also works.

Rubber Gloves
- When Frank 'n Furter brings Rocky to life, he wears rubber gloves and snaps his fingers three times. For a great sound effect, everyone should snap their fingers at exactly the same time.


Party Horn - When Rocky is brought to life, everyone applauds and honks. Join me happily.

Confetti - Just before the intermission as Frank-'n-Furter and Rocky leave for the matrimonial bed, everyone on the stage and in the room sprinkles with confetti.

Party Hat
- During dinner, Frank-'n-Furter puts on a party hat. Of course you can't stay behind and it's time to put on your own party hat.

(little) Bell
- When Frank sings 'when we made it, did you hear a bell ring' during 'Planet Schmanet', the bell may be rung. In the absence of a bell, rattling with a bunch of keys also works.

Playing Cards
- The cards are shuffled. And Frank-'n-Furter's house of cards has collapsed. In short, time to throw the cards on the table. The moment Frank sings 'cards for sorrow, cards for pain', everyone throws their cards through the hall.