January 13 / Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Richard Kofi and Ravian van den Hil join the team of programmers

Richard Kofi and Ravian van den Hil join the team of programmers at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam. With these two programmers, ITA expands its team with two inspiring visions that enrich its programme offering.

From 1 February, Ravian Van den Hil (1985) joins ITA as theatre programmer. He focuses on the programming of the structurally supported Dutch and Flemish companies, and has a special attention to the transition of small and medium-sized performances to the major ITA stages.

Richard Kofi (1988) starts as theatre programmer on 1 March and focuses on makers, companies and projects for which the connection between ITA and the city is central. His focus is on making the theatre programming more diverse.

-|-Both programmers contribute to the selection of makers and performances within international programming and festivals such as Brandhaarden, IDFA on Stage, Lieve Stad, and Black Achievement Month.

Clayde Menso, director Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, on the new programmers: "Ravian and Richard have a solid track record in bringing together extraordinary and appealing stories and (new) audiences. Their broad experience, network and contemporary vision on programming makes them excellent programmers for ITA. I am looking forward to our collaboration."

Ravian van den Hil

Ravian van den Hil (Rotterdam, 1985) studied at the University of Amsterdam (BA Theaterwetenschap), Rose Bruford College London (BA European Theatre Arts) and the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London (MA Curating). As programme manager for the Muziekgebouw production house and former member of the Holland Festival programme team, he was responsible for developing in-depth context programmes. Van den Hil joins Internationaal Theater Amsterdam as a programmer from February '23.

Richard Kofi

Richard Kofi (Wageningen, 1988) took a bachelor's degree in Arts and Culture Studies and a master's degree in American Studies at Radboud University in Nijmegen. In addition to being a visual artist, Kofi is a programmer and curator. In his practice, he investigates unfinished histories and gives them speculative futures. His approach links present, past and future. Together with Simone Zeefluik, he presents the podcast Project Wiaspora, about the ordinariness of art, culture and activism. After his position as programmer at Bijlmer Parktheater, from March '23 he strengthens the team of programmers at Internationaal Theater Amsterdam.