October 20 / Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Start of collaboration between ITA and IDFA

ITA is launching a broad collaboration with IDFA this year, exploring the cross-fertilisation between documentary and theatre. During the 35th edition, from 9 to 20 November, ITA will be IDFA's festival centre and will be the base of operations for hundreds of film professionals. Screenings of documentaries for a wide audience will be held daily in the theatre. Events such as IDFA Awards and Best of IDFA are also organised in the theatre. With various theatre productions, ITA also contributes content to the festival's programming.

ITA meets IDFA

As a socially engaged and leading house for contemporary theatre and dance from home and abroad, ITA also enters into collaborations with venues, companies and festivals outside the world of theatre. In this way, ITA seeks to connect with the Amsterdam metropolis and the world around it, in a constant search for today's stories and creators.

This year sees the launch of the cooperation between ITA and IDFA, the festival of creative documentary. This will explore the crossover between documentary and theatre. From 9 to 20 November, ITA will be the centre of the festival and home to hundreds of film professionals who will gather there for inspiring workshops and creative meetings.
Screenings of documentaries take place daily in our theatre. Events such as Best of IDFA and IDFA Awards are also part of the programme at ITA.

Clayde Menso, director ITA: 'ITA is a home for a large and diverse audience, a home for all residents of Amsterdam. We are delighted with the collaboration with IDFA. It encourages us to further explore the possibilities of theatre and give a stage to stimulating and inspiring stories in a new way.'

Crossover between theatre and documentary

ITA also contributes content to the festival's programming. Under the title IDFA on Stage, which explores the space between documentary film and performing arts, ITA screens Granma. Trombones from Havana. In this performance by Rimini Protokoll, four young Cubans reconstruct the lives of their grandparents on stage and rewrite the history of their country. Their stories are intertwined with contemporary socio-political issues in fast-changing Cuba.

Director Paul Wright's unique one-off screening Arcadia Live is a dazzling montage of archive footage from the British countryside. Arcadia Live is a historical document on the one hand and seems like a psychedelic trip on the other. The pulsating soundtrack is performed live by Adrian Utley (Portishead) and Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) plus band.
Via ITA on screen is the cinematic recording of La Reprise. Histoire(s) du théâtre (I) can be seen. In it, Milo Rau reconstructs the torture and murder of Ihsane Jarfi, a Muslim and gay man from Liège. Rau's trademark are re-enactments: theatrical reconstructions of historical events, based on extensive research, often played by those directly involved. The play received five stars from de Volkskrant: 'Milo Rau shows that the theatre is the place where anything goes.'

See the full programme of IDFA at ITA here.