May 19 / Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Birds of a Kind selected by Nederlands Theater Festival

We are incredibly proud that Birds of a Kind has been selected by Nederlands Theater Festival!

The Dutch Theatre Jury, led by chairman Abdelkader Benali, selected Birds of a Kind as one of the 11 most impressive theatre productions of the moment.

The jury report:

'In an impressive stage setting, where a huge, lifelike tree seems to grow on an empty white plain, director Alize Zandwijk opens the production Birds of a Kind with a shadow play that is as simple as it is powerful.

The story centers on two young lovers whose love goes against the will of their parents: one of them is Arab, the other Jewish. Fleeing from that disapproval and during their search for happiness, they stumble across a secret in the family history that is slowly revealed throughout the play, shedding a shrill and poignant light on pressing identity issues.

Yahya Gaier dances in several physical supporting roles as a beautiful light touch and connecting, poetic thread through Wajdi Mouawad's monologue-based play. Amber Doctors van Leeuwen's stilled music also plays a captivating role.

In the performance's moving finale, an impressive parable in Arabic shows how people's self-imposed differences between Jew and Arab are impossible and untenable. A glimmer of downright hope in the raging Palestine-Israel conflict.'