Private donations

The first stone-built theatre on the Leidseplein would not have been constructed in 1894 without the ambitious and culture-loving citizens of Amsterdam. Today, too, our private donors make it possible to show exceptional and high-profile home-produced productions, both from the Netherlands and from all over the world, in our monumental home on the Leidseplein. Theatre that matters, for a critical and involved audience.

Private donations

Support ITA

We are grateful you want to support ITA with a contribution. With your support, you support art and culture. Big or small, your contribution makes the difference for our theater. We thank you for this in advance.

From €75,- per year


Our Friends hold art and culture dear. Big or small, your contribution makes a difference to us. Your donation makes our (inter) national programming, own productions, fringe programming and special education projects possible. Thanks to this, we can be a home for theatre lovers and for a wide audience of all ages and backgrounds.

Benefits ITA-Friend

  • 10% discount on your own ticket for performances of the ITA ensemble in ITA
  • priority on ordering tickets for all performance
  • Friends' meeting with an explanation of the new theatre season
  • guided tour for Friends
  • biweekly Friends Newsletter
  • twice a year receive the brochure by post
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'The long history of theatre in Amsterdam and the monumental building underline the importance of art in general and performing arts in particular. I am happy to contribute to the transfer of the importance of this to our children.' - Sophia de Haen, Friend

From € 1.000 / € 1.750 per year


As a Donor, you are a vital link in realising our most important ambitions: showing exceptional (inter) national performances; making own productions and supporting our top ensemble; our Talent Centre and educational programmes for young and old; and maintaining our 125-year-old monumental building. You have the opportunity to earmark your donation for a specific purpose. You can become a Donor from € 1.000 per year, couples from € 1.750 per year.

all of the benefits of ITA-Friend +

  • free tickets for 3 must-see performances with reception and possibility to dine (paid)
  • name listing
  • service for ordering tickets
  • invitation to exclusive events
  • soirée with introduction to the new seasonal programme
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'The professionalism and the acting pleasure of the ensemble are clearly noticeable. It was great to experience that together with other donors.' - Remke Schemer, Donor

From €5.000 per year


As a Partner, you are even more closely involved with our home and our ensemble. Together with you, we distinguish ourselves through quality. We welcome you at premieres and we organise a joint rehearsal visit, so that you can see for yourself what we achieve through your support.

all the benefits of ITA-Donor +

  • 2 free tickets for premières of the ITA ensemble
  • Rehearsal visit (joint)
  • Dinner with the management with a preview of the new season
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'The Willem van Nus Foundation, named after my grandfather, aims to support and stimulate the liveability and culture of Amsterdam. As far as we are concerned, this theatre is an inseparable part of the city's social fabric.'- Hans and Manuschka de Haan, Partner

From €10.000 per year

Private Producer

The Private Producer goes a step further than most donors. You will make a direct contribution to (your choice of) one of the new performances of our top ensemble. You personally take a look inside the artistic kitchen and are closely involved in the performances with which the ensemble distinguishes itself both nationally and internationally.

all of the benefits of ITA-Partner +

  • attending individual rehearsals of the chosen piece
  • invitation to the scenography presentation
  • named in presentation credits
  • framed photograph of the performance
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'At this theatre and its ensemble, I immediately think of the highest quality. That is why being a Private Producer is so attractive. You can attend the rehearsal process and that offers many surprises in the artistic process. That has such added value, even more than when the piece is finished.'- Marcelle Kuiper, Private Producer