With our partners we combine efforts to make theatre accessible to all. In a multi-year effort we work on relevant topics, such as education and community engagement, diversity and (digital) inclusion, innovation, leadership, talent development, and more. We develop custom partnerships, based on a common purpose and shared values.


Rabobank Metropoolregio Amsterdam

Founding partner

As a Founding Partner, Rabobank Metropoolregio Amsterdam has been investing for nearly 15 years in Internationaal Theater Amsterdam. The bank’s commitment dates back to the early planning phase of the construction of the Rabotheater, a new state-of-the-art auditorium that was ingeniously built in between our historic theater and concerthall Melkweg in 2009.

A sustainable partnership in which Rabobank is committed to supporting ITA’s community engagement programs. And works tirelessly to provide the connections to schools and educational institutions, community groups and organisations to increase the impact of our programs. A longtime collaboration in which we’re always able to connect on topics that matter to our city and our community.