Daphne Agten

Daphne Agten (1990) graduated from the Toneelacademie Maastricht in 2020. In 2022, she played the mythical hero Gilgamesh in the KVS/Platform 0090/Mesut Arslan play bearing the same name. This performance will come to ITA in 2023. In autumn 2023, Holy Rosita by Wannes Destoop will premiere, a feature film with Daphne in the lead role. Besides her acting work, she also directs and writes.

In season 22|23 she can be seen at ITA in premiere of Penthesilea (directed by Eline Arbo) and in season 23|24 she will perform in the revival of Penthesilea (directed by Eline Arbo).


Holy Rosita
/ direction: Wannes Destoop

/ KVS/Platform 0090/Mesut Arslan
De Man uit Rome
/ direction: Jaap van Heusden

Muscle Memory / Amsterdam Fringe
Mijn vader is een Saucisse
/ direction: Anouk Fortunier

The Glorious Peanut
/ direction: Fred De Loof & Fred Labeye

Auf meiner Seele hat ein Fremdling getanzt
/ Nina Wijnmaalen