Ischa Statie

Ischa is a dancer and dance maker active in the Netherlands and Sweden. He has danced with Skånes Dansteater and worked with leading choreographers such as Örjan Andersson, Marina Mascarell, and Lidia Voss. Most recently he has collaborated with choreographers Jordy Dik, Andreas Denk/ Plan-d, Jelena Kostic and film director Johan Kramer.

His work as a dance maker can be seen at festivals such as ITS, Cinedans and Musica Sacra. He works with various institutions such as Danscentrum Syd in Malmö, Compass Dance in Härnösand and Buitenplaats Brienoord in Rotterdam, where Hoog en Jong Beginnen is working on the project Tasting Bodies LAB in collaboration with festival 2turven Hoog en Jong Beginnen. Previously he created "Where we are", a successful co-production with Lazy Susan & Co, supported by the Municipality of Rotterdam and Stichting Droom en Daad and commissioned by Skånes Dansteater, he made The Things We Don't Know, in collaboration with Lund Dans och Musical.

In addition to his dance training, Ischa has an extensive musical background and has worked as a pianist, composer and assistant choreographer for Be-Voice Berlin. He was also involved as an assistant director with Nicole Beutler and programming assistant with Korzo.