Jesse Mensah

Jesse Mensah (1993) has joined the ITA-ensemble in 2021.

In season 23|24 he will perform in the revivals of Lehman Trilogy, Birds of a kind, Penthesilea and Judas.


Jesse Mensah is an actor, dancer, singer and presenter. Since graduating from the Academy of Theatre in Amsterdam, Jesse performed in many theatre productions in The Netherlands and presented a renowned children’s television program Willem Wever. Jesse also plays parts in on screen productions, for example in the remarkable series Anne+. In 2020 Jesse is nominated for the Louis d’Or, the award for best male lead of the season for the production Weg met Eddy Belleguele.

| nomination Louis d'Or | Weg met Eddy Bellegueule at Toneelschuur Producties



Dienstmeid #2 | Roxanne Stam
Verdriet is een ding met veren | Theater Rotterdam

Nieuw zeer | NTR:
ANNE+ | Millstreet Films
Weg met Eddy Bellegueule | Toneelschuur Producties
Liefdesziek | Toneelgroep Oostpool

The Equivalent | Acacia Traynor
Zwart water | NNT
Ilias | Orkater/De Nieuwkomers, KONVOOI

Flikken Maastricht | AVROTROS
Mensendagen | Coen Eigenraam, Jeroen van 't Hullenaar
Platonov | Theater Utrecht
Thuislozen | Theater Utrecht
De meeuw | NNT


Ein Lekkerding | Florian Froschmayer
2017: A Press Conference | Jordi Wijnalda
Lear | Toneelmakerij
De verbeelde stad | Over het IJ

Centraal Medisch Centrum | RTL
Een soort Hades | Theater Utrecht
Fort Europa | Amsterdamse Toneelschool

Stad der blinden | Theater Utrecht

De laatste vriend van Napoleon | Ruut Weissman

De nachtmis | Circus Treurdier

Romans 3:23 | Charles A. Kennedy Jr., Zell Towners


Language NP Language no problem penthesilea ITA–Ensemble Theater penthesilea
Close penthesilea ITA-ensemble / Eline Arbo
In this searing drama about a fatal love, a blistering passion churns unstoppably to the surface.
Language NP Language no problem Lehman Trilogy ITA–Ensemble Theater Lehman Trilogy
Close Lehman Trilogy ITA-ensemble / Guy Cassiers
07 Sep '23 to 18 Oct '23
Slavery and industrialisation, war and new technological developments: no matter what is happening in America and even worldwide, the Lehmans always know how to make good money from it.
Language NP Language no problem Judas ITA–Ensemble Theater Judas
Close Judas ITA-ensemble / Robert Icke
10 Jan '24 to 20 Jan '24
The name Judas is familiar to many of us. The traitor. The scorned man. A man condemned century after century for his cunning cowardice and who to this day deserves no pardon - or - is that perhaps half a story?
Language NP Language no problem Birds of a Kind ITA–Ensemble Theater Birds of a Kind
Close Birds of a Kind ITA-ensemble / Alize Zandwijk
23 Apr '24 to 03 May '24
When the German-Jewish Eitan and the American-Arab Wahida happen to meet in the library of New York, they fall in love instantly. But is their relationship likely to succeed against the backdrop of the decades-long Israeli-Arab conflict?