Ozan Aydogan

Ozan graduated from Drama & Contemporary Music Theater at the University of the Arts in Amsterdam.

He is linked to ITA as a guest actor. He can be seen in Judas (directed by Robert Icke) and The Magic Mountain (directed by Stef Aerts and Marie Vinck of FC Bergman).


Growing up in a family of storytellers, Ozan Aydogan (1993) gets fascinated by the art of storytelling at a young age. The bedtime stories from Eastern Turkey that his parents tell him, the old fairytale books that his mother harvests at flea markets and the lively anecdotes that reach his bedroom from the living room, accompanied by the sweet smell of raki and the sounds of the saz. Witnessing all those stories arouses an interest in him that has never shown itself to him before. And so it doesn’t take long before his first works see the light of day. Those are raps at first. But after reading Lord Byron during high school on the advice of a friend, he starts writing poetry. Between those two streams the seed is planted that will later germinate into spoken word.

After a few years, during his internship at Artiance, a center for the arts, a new love appears before him; acting. While doing his first play, immediately writing all of its songs and contributing by writing mono- and dialogues, he has his first experiences with playwriting. From that moment on he keeps telling stories. He has done so in co-operation with High On Type and RAUM with his binaural spoken word installation Beautiful Creatures, in Athens with Dries Verhoeven’s Phobiarama, in the Videoland series Amsterdam Vice in which he plays a guest role, in Paris at the Poetry Slam World Championship – after becoming Poetry Slam Champion of the Netherlands in 2018 – and with a starring role in the theater in Orkater’s The Stranger with which he has toured throughout the Netherlands.

He also works on his debut novel that is expected to be published in 2024.

Photo: Marthe van de Grift


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Close The Magic Mountain ITA-ensemble / Stef Aerts, Marie Vinck (FC Bergman)
Young Hans Castorp goes to a sanatorium in Davos, Switzerland, to visit his cousin. He plans to spend 3 weeks with him there, but will end up staying for 7 years. He meets a collection of eccentric figures. Through these encounters he slowly acquires a layered image of contradicting views on life.