Selin Akkulak

Selin Evani Akkulak (24 October 1996) was born in The Hague and started developing her passions at a young age: acting and singing. developing her passions: acting and singing. Her origins are a mix between Kurdish, Armenian, Hindustani and Dutch. From the age of 9, she took drama lessons and in addition to her VWO she was in a special five-year theatre programme, a collaboration between Dalton in The Hague and the youth theatre school Rabarber.


Selin made her professional acting debut at the age of 12 with a regular role in youth series 'Vrijland on Nederland 3.

From the age of 11, Selin took singing lessons at Ready To Play. After that she was coached intensively by Franky McCoy, an American soul singer. Selin has sung at various occasions and Selin has sung at various occasions and festivals, often accompanying herself on the piano. In 2012 she won the Street Life Awards in 2012 and received a first prize at the Held Zonder Geweld Festival with her self-written song about domestic violence.

From 2016 to 2018, Selin was an actress and creator with theatre group DOX, a dynamic Utrecht-based company of independent and versatile artists.

Selin played in television series such as Verborgen Verhalen, Mocro Maffia, Bad Influencer, Nieuw Zeer and Oogappels.

In the summer of 2020 Selin played her first lead role in the film ECHO, part of the NPO series Onze Straat directed by Daphne Lucker. She also played a role in the short film Cats & Dogs directed by Joost Biesheuvel. In the same year, together with Sia Cyrroes the theatre performance Salt & Fire, which they performed at the Storytelling Festival. Storytelling Festival.

Selin is currently in the third year of the Amsterdam School of Drama and Cabaret and is completing her bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences. and is completing her bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences at the Free University.


Language NP Language no problem age of rage
ITA–Ensemble Theater age of rage
Close age of rage ITA -ensemble / Holland Festival / Bl!indman / La Villette / the Barbican / Ivo van Hove
In Age of Rage, Ivo van Hove tells a primeval story of how revenge haunts and destroys successive generations. This performance is in line with earlier large-scale social productions such as Roman tragedies and Kings of War.