Steven Van Watermeulen

Steven Van Watermeulen (1968) has joined the ensemble in season 17|18.

In season 20|21 he will perform in the premieres of Children of Nora (director Robert Icke) and The hours (director Eline Arbo) and in the revivals of A Little Life and Freud.


Van Watermeulen played before at the ensemble in May we be forgiven, Maeterlinck and La grande bouffe.

He studied at the Conservatory of Antwerp and after his training joined at Het Zuidelijk Toneel led by Ivo van Hove. Then he was part of the Ro Theater and since 2005 he belongs to the ensemble of NTGent. He worked with directors such as Guy Cassiers, Johan Simons, Ivo van Hove, Pierre Audi, Alize Zandwijk, Theu Boermans, Christoph Marthaler and Dora van der Groen. In 2001 he won the Louis d'Or for his role in De Wespenfabriek of Ro Theater.

Van Watermeulen is director (among others Een laatste tango at Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Sterremix at SKaGeN en Nest at Ro Theater), curator of exhibitions in Brussels (Bozar), Antwerp (Momu) and Ostend (Muzee) and author as well. Along with Oscar van den Boogaard, he debuted with the novel Chinchillasong and published Zeeduivel voor Amalia.In 2011 Landschap tussen alles of niets was published, the first book in his own name.

Van Watermeulen teached drama at the Conservatory of Antwerp, Toneelacademie Maastricht and he is artistic director of the Director Training of the Amsterdam School of the Arts since 2014.

Steven Van Watermeulen


Language NP Language no problem Children of NoraITA–EnsembleTheater Children of Nora
Close Children of Nora ITA–Ensemble
01 Sep '20 to 10 Jan '21
Everyone knows about the argument, the big, ferocious, final argument where a decision is made and somebody leaves and the door is slammed. The end of a relationship. But this door slam is famous in dramatic literature... Robert Icke wrote a sequel to it: what happens after the door is slammed?
Language NP Language no problem De uren (The hours) De uren (The hours)
Language NP Language no problem A little lifeITA–EnsembleTheater A little life
Close A little life ITA-ensemble / Ivo van Hove
11 Dec '20 to 24 Dec '20
No book has captivated and moved millions of readers during the past few years like A little life by American author Hanya Yanagihara.
Language NP Language no problem freud
ITA–EnsembleTheater freud
Close freud ITA-ensemble / Toneelhuis / Ivo van Hove
21 Oct '20 to 31 Oct '20
In the late 1950s, French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wrote The Freud Scenario, at the request of Hollywood director John Huston. Sartre writes a script for a seven hour movie, which is way too long according to Huston. The two get into an argument. Since then this script has remained untouched.