Since 2007, twelve productions have been released by ITA-2 - the platform of ITA for the development of (directing) talent i.c.w. Toneelschuur Producties and Frascati Producties: three productions of Thibaud Delpeut: Britannicus (Jean Racine), Antigone-Kreon-Oidipous (an adaptation of Sofokles' Theban tragedies) and All my sons (Arthur Miller), two productions of Eric de Vroedt: A Streetcar Named Desire (Tennessee Williams) and Glengarry Glen Ross (David Mamet), Rashomon effect directed by Joachim Robbrecht and Cat on a hot tin roof (Tennessee Williams) directed by Jacob Derwig.

In 13 | 14, Julie Van den Berghe makes her ITA-2 debut with Lorca's Blood Wedding and in 15 | 16 she directed Liliom (Ferenc Molnàr). Maren E. Bjørseth was very successful in 14 | 15 with Hugo Claus' A bride in the morning. In 16 | 17 she made Emilia Galotti, her second ITA-2 production and in 18 | 19, A Delicate Balance followed.

The multi-year partnership focuses on the step-by-step development of directorship, whereby the alliance partners use their expertise and work within larger organizations is central.

In the meantime, Antigone-Kreon-Oidipous, Glengarry Glen Ross and All my sons have traveled the road to major theaters and A bride in the morning went on a Dutch tour. ITA will continue to invest in directing talent in the coming years: ITA-2 as a breeding ground for directors of the future.