17 Nov '19


Nicole Beutler Projects / Nicole Beutler
17 Nov '19


Nicole Beutler Projects / Nicole Beutler

6: THE SQUARE is part of NBcollection: a five-day overview and anniversary festival around the work of theatre maker and choreographer Nicole Beutler. Internationaal Theater Amsterdam and Theater Frascati will present highlights from ten years of Nicole Beutler Projects. Discover the cross-border performances of this unsurpassed 'visual artist in the theatre'.

Defining, creating frames, drawing boundaries, inside-the-box thinking: square.

Dance performance 6: THE SQUARE is the second part of the Bauhaus trilogy where Nicole Beutler always takes a basic shape as a starting point. For this performance, that's the square.

6: THE SQUARE focuses on man's need to create order in a constantly changing world. Defining, creating frames, drawing boundaries, inside-the-box thinking: square. What role does this man-made shape play in our society? In a festive ritual, eight dancers and one actress lead you through an elusive landscape of possibilities.

In this second part of the Bauhaus trilogy about the basic principles of circle, square and triangle, Beutler makes the constant tension between the abstract and the organic tangible. The square brings tranquillity and stability, it frames but also excludes, it is limiting but also safe. Together with DJ/composer Gary Shepherd, lighting designer Minna Tikkainnen and costume designer Jessica Helbach, Nicole pushes the 'square' to the limit and exposes our deep-rooted desire for nuance, poetry and liveliness.

Inspired by the mathematical efficiency of urban life, Piet Mondriaan's magical-abstract art and the hierarchical patterns of American Square Dance, 6: THE SQUARE is a plea for freedom in which dance, fashion, the visual arts and contemporary electronic music come together.


'In a time when defining boundaries seems to be very important to many people, Beutler's work is extremely topical.' - Het Parool

'Eight dancers dance zig-zagging windmill patterns in a tight square, inspired by an amazing beat. "Beutler cuts the hour stylistically into quarters.' - de Volkskrant

'The MC, dressed in traditional dance clothes (complete with cowboy hat), gets the audience going and accompanies the eight dancers from abstract and anonymous rhythmic dance to a teeming orgasmic climax.' - Metropolis M

'Beautiful young dancers draw the audience into their strictly rhythmic world set to pounding electronic music. I want more!' – Youth platform de PIT, 24/05/201


choreography and direction Nicole Beutler
with Alice Gioria, Deborah Abrahams, Christian Guerematchi, Hillary Blake Firestone, Pedro Inês, Benjamin Kahn, Cherish Menzo, Patrick Schmatzer, Marjolein Vogels
music Gary Shepherd
costume design Jessica Helbach
lighting design Minna Tiikkainen
scenography Tim Vermeulen & Nico de Rooij
with support from Ammodo, Fonds Podiumkunsten, VSBFonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst
production Nicole Beutler Projects
co-production SPRING Performing Arts Festival

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