17 Nov '19


Nicole Beutler Projects / ICK Amsterdam / Nicole Beutler
17 Nov '19


Nicole Beutler Projects / ICK Amsterdam / Nicole Beutler

5: ECHO is part of NBcollections: a five-day overview and anniversary festival around the work of theatre maker and choreographer Nicole Beutler. Internationaal Theater Amsterdam and Theater Frascati present highlights from ten years of Nicole Beutler Projects. Discover the cross-border performances of this unsurpassed 'visual artist in the theatre'.

Magical triptych: strong and fragile, naive and accurate, earthy and volatile.

During NBcollection, the three pieces from Beutler's Bauhaus trilogy will be presented next to each other for the first time. With 5: ECHO (in collaboration with ICK), 6: THE SQUARE and 7: TRIPLE MOON, Beutler brings visual experimentation to the main stage. True Beutler classics like the concert performance 1: SONGS and the symmetrical piece 3: THE GARDEN will be performed, as well.

In 5: ECHO, choreographer Nicole Beutler enters into a dialogue with Dutch dance history. The first part is inspired by the radical, experimental work of Ellen Edinoff and her husband, Koert Struyf, who blew up the conventions of dance in the Netherlands in the 1970s. No recordings remain of their legendary performances at the Dutch National Ballet and in Carré. Based on photos, reviews, notebooks and limited video material, Beutler has created a contemporary performance.

For the second part, Beutler has adapted Bianca van Dillen's 'female sextet' Vermilion (created in Felix Meritis in 1978) into a minimalist, hypnotising circular dance. Past, present and future merge into one another in this magical ritual of circle, echo and kaleidoscopic interplay of forms in which everything resonates: delayed time, dancing lines and lizards glistening on the balustrade...

During the festival, a performance from Beutler's early days will be re-premiered: the exact position of things. This short, dark dance performance from 2005 was a decisive turning point the development of Beutler's characteristic signature: the dissecting and rearranging of image, movement, light, music and text into a revealing and poignant Gesamtkunstwerk.


'Beutler has translated Van Dillen's abstract-minimalist female piece into a mixed cast and the originally red-framed design is now a fresh colour block of bright colours.' - Loyal

'The period from which Nicole Beutler draws inspiration is a rich source in Dutch dance history.' - Theaterkrant


concept and choreography Nicole Beutler
based on "Vermilion" by Bianca van Dillen (Dansproduktie, 1978)
inspired by the work of Ellen Edinoff & Koert Stuyf
dancers Dereck Cayla, Hillary Blake Firestone, Maurizio Giunti, Christian Guerematchi, Marjolein Vogels, Alice Gioria and t.b.c.
music Gary Shepherd, Aleksandar Grujić
lighting design Minna Tiikkainen

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