29 Sep '20 to 30 Sep '20
Nasrdin Dchar / Floris van Delft
€ 13,50 - € 29,50

In Adem, Nasrdin Dchar searches for a grip on this year's chaos in his own, personal way.

starts at 19:30 or 21:30
duration 60 minutes
space Grote zaal
language Spoken in Dutch

Imagine that it is December 2029, ten years from now. The end of the 2020s. You sit very closely together with family and friends and look back at how this decade started. Do you remember 2020, that was the year of ... collecting? Of change? Revolution even? Or of silence? Standstill? Connection? What will we never forget about 2020? And will it really change the world and us?


text & performance Nasrdin Dchar
text & direction Floris van Delft