As you like it (8+)


As you like it (8+)

De Toneelmakerij / Circus Treurdier / Paul Knieriem


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As you like it (8+)
De Toneelmakerij / Circus Treurdier / Paul Knieriem

'Festive feel-good adaptation' - NRC Handelsblad

De Toneelmakerij and Circus Treurdier are joining forces to blow the dust off a classic and create a thrilling performance for everyone from eight years old. As You Like It will be a crazy, packed, musical and radical adaptation of Shakespeare's famous love comedy for the main hall. A Shakespearean rom com for the whole family, no matter how that family is put together.

Run time 95 minutes
Genre family theatre
Language Dutch

As You Like It

When Rosalind and Orlando meet for the first time at a poetry slam, it's love at first sight. Are they each other's rescue from this gloomy existence?

Rosalind is evicted from home along with her niece and best friend Celia. They flee into the forest. Fearing highwaymen and other creeps, Rosalind dresses as a young man. They go in search of Rosalind’s father, who runs a popular campsite somewhere in the Ardennes. An idyllic spot with vegetarian cuisine and cuddly jam sessions by the campfire. Dress code: as you like it.
Orlando is also on the run because of a terrible fight at home. In the forest, the young lovers meet by chance. But Rosalind keeps him at arm’s length. Is Orlando really in love with her? Or is he actually in love with himself? Can someone who is madly in love be trusted at all?

As You Like It
takes you on a journey through the Ardennes in search of the right one. A performance that does away with romantic clichés and the narrow-mindedness. Full of confusion, desire, disguises and dressing up. With sneaky kissing in the bushes, holiday romances and broken hearts.


NRC Handelsblad

The strength of the youth theatre adaptation of Shakespeare's 'As You Like It' is its unprecedented joke density and nicely bold acting style.


An extremely smooth, highly humorous contemporary version of Shakespeare's comedy.


As You Like It is a jam-packed and raunchy performance.


What is touching is the way these two dented souls slowly grow towards each other and turn out to be each other's medicine.

Haarlems Dagblad

An unlikely mix of absurdism, musical melancholy and witty observations about the world.

Christmas Brunch

Enjoy a delicious Christmas brunch in the Brasserie prior to the performance.

Christmas brunch kids: Jungle book chocolate cupcake + brioche bun with cheese & farm butter from the Lindenhoff + mini croissant with blackberry jam + freshly squeezed orange juice or other juice of your choice (€ 12.50)

Christmas brunch: Mimosa or Bloody Mary upon reception (non-alcoholic option available) + brioche buns with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, butter from the Lindenhof, farmer's belegen cheese and ham + mini quiches of palm cabbage and belegen goat cheese + yogurt with homemade granola and poached stewed pears + Christmas oatcakes, dried southern fruits, nuts and chocolate + fresh pearl barley salad with roasted beets, ricotta and basil + fresh orange juice and coffee or tea of your choice (€ 29.50).

Parent and child workshop

Prior to the performances on 27 - 30 December, you can take part in a special workshop. In this philosophical theatre workshop, parents and children will explore love hidden in everyday things together. What little sources of happiness secretly make your life a whole lot happier?

Please note the workshop will be offered in Dutch.

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text William Shakespeare and Circus Treurdier; Jan-Paul Buijs, Ellen Parren, Peter van Rooijen
director Paul Knieriem
dramaturgy Paulien Geerlings
composer Wessel Schrik
scenography Janne Sterke
lighting design Gé Wegman
costume design Esmee Thomassen
sound design Maurits Thiel
met Alicia Boedhoe, Myrthe Huber, Wart Kamps, Vince van Neer, Ellen Parren, Peter van Rooijen, Dennis Rudge, Wessel Schrik, Rop Verheijen

De Toneelmakerij & ITA

De Toneelmakerij and Internationaal Theater Amsterdam work together to reach new and young audiences for high-quality youth theatre. Every year, we bring a family performance that premieres in the autumn holidays. During the Christmas holidays, the performance can then be seen for a whole week as festive Christmas programming in ITA.

This season, we bring the co-production of de Toneelmakerij and Circus Treurdier: As You Like It.