Broeders verheft u ter vrijheid


Broeders verheft u ter vrijheid

Studio Dries Verhoeven


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Broeders verheft u ter vrijheid
Studio Dries Verhoeven
€ 12,50

Broeders verheft u ter vrijheid (Brothers exalt thee to freedom) shows humans as stowaways inside an enormous distribution centre. What purpose do our labouring bodies serve these days? Tech giants employ algorithms to find the biggest possible profit margins 24/7. Jobs are taken over by robots and various forms of AI. Do we still serve any purpose? Will there be a revival of the labour movement, or is the best thing for us to accept the inevitable computerisation?

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Grote Zaal
Various time slots: every half hour between 14:00 and 21:00
There are 15 tickets for sale per time slot with the exception of the last time slot where 30 tickets are for sale
Visitors are free to stay as long as they wish
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Broeders verheft u ter vrijheid (Brothers exalt thee to freedom) shows humans as stowaways inside an enormous distribution centre. The work is created in collaboration with a group of Bulgarian performers who have experience as labour migrants. The theatre stage serve as a shop floor that is home to a ‘live installation’ for eight hours a day. Visitors, just like in a museum, buy a ticket for a time slot. The residence of the performers is in art institute West Den Haag. During the entire tour there is also an exhibition around the work.

-|-I have been wondering about the future of labour for some time now. How will developments in artificial intelligence affect the opportunities and the self-esteem of employees? What will outsourcing and offshoring do to the labour movement? And why are Dutch employers so fond of people from countries like Poland and Bulgaria? - Dries Verhoeven

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ITA will comply with the corona measures in place at that time, as drawn up by RIVM and the Dutch government. At this moment it is not yet known which measures will apply. Even during this period the measures may change. In that case ITA will inform its visitors as soon as possible.

• The performance will take place in the Grote Zaal.
• Please be present at the Leidseplein side entrance (entrance to the box office) at least 10 minutes before curtain-up and line up at 1.5 meters.
• We ask that you follow the instructions of our public servants at all times.
• Please disinfect your hands upon entering the building.
• Our public employee will perform the health check with you.
• You need to scan your entry ticket (printed or on your mobile phone) yourself.
-|-• Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory from the age of 13. We ask you to put on a mouth mask when you enter our theater and to take it off again when you leave the theater after the performance.
• Unfortunately ITA does not have any masks available. It is therefore important that you bring your own.
• There is no checkroom. Please bring any coats and bags with you to the auditorium. We ask you not to bring bags larger than A4.
• There is no catering facility provided. We therefore ask you to bring your own bottle of water or water bottle.
• You will be assigned a seat upon entering the auditorium.
• If you are with someone from the same household, you may sit next to each other.
• The disinfection protocol has been tightened. Door handles, handrails and toilets are cleaned extra often. We advise you to touch as little as possible and preferably use the toilet at home.

concept Dries Verhoeven
Studio Dries Verhoeven
Irina Angelova, Rilka Kharovna, Boryana Dzhivdzhanova, Petyo Gyudyulev, Blagovest Ilchevski, Kalin Kupenov, Miroslav Mihov, Valentina Panova, Valentin Stankov, Antonia Tochka
Hella Godee & Miguel Melgares
first inspector
Niels Runderkamp
AGV robotics
Tom Dalhuisen
programmer robot arms
Casper Wortmann
system controller
Sylvain Vriens
sound design
Peer Thielen
Marko Meijer, Niklas van Woerden
sound recording
Rutger Verberkmoes
technical trainee
Titus Duitshof
casting & production
Sofia, Bulgaria Christian Bakalov
set design
Maarten Smids, Niklas van Woerden, Merijn Versnel
Wouter van Elderen

Broeders verheft u ter vrijheid is made possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Utrecht, Fonds 21, Cultuur Innovatiefonds Provincie Utrecht, BankGiro Loterij Fonds and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.