Creating Joy


Creating Joy

Ann Van den Broek / WArd/waRD


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Creating Joy
Ann Van den Broek / WArd/waRD

A mix of live performance and film - from the stage and the dancers' homes - about things that create joy in the midst of a pandemic.

Julidans NL
Location Bellevue
Venue Grote Zaal
Starting time 7 p.m.

It's all about creating joy!

Creating Joy is a record of daily actions, in search of meaning, pleasure, and the will to go on. How you can find comfort, strength and peace in your mind in simple, physical actions: baking a loaf of bread, a massage, sunshine in the spring, a good conversation. It also lends an insight into theatre-making in uncertain times. Postponement or even cancellation hangs over every performance like a sword of Damocles. Then it is a real challenge to start a new project with joy and good spirits. It's all about creating joy!

In Ann Van den Broek's earlier work, a tendency towards the dark and tragic side often prevailed. It was time for the balance to tip to the other side. To lightness and feeling good, to laughing together, hugging each other, being melancholic about past but pleasant memories: creating joy! And then a pandemic broke out. The corona crisis put considerable pressure on Van den Broek's ideas. The epidemic tilted the perspective: the universal became personal instead of the other way round.

-|-This is why Creating Joy is no ordinary performance. It is a mix of real-time and pre-recorded images with a performance in the audience. Forged together by a host who leads the evening like a master of ceremonies. There are screens, a compact setting, one and a half metres of distance, and dancers working from home who are present via a live stream.

"Although the concept of the production predates the pandemic, the current situation gives it more urgency." -

At the beginning of Ann Van den Broek's career, the focus was mainly on pure dance, raw and minimalistic. Gradually, the use of live film, live music and language became ever more important. Van den Broek's performances increasingly became a cinematic total experience. Julidans has been following her artistic path for years. From Julidans NEXT, Van den Broek moved on to the festival's main stages. In recent years, she has left her own distinctive mark on Dutch and international dance. "Van den Broek's work is the textbook example of the new dance practice, in which people no longer think in terms of pigeonholes or national borders," Trouw wrote - thereby expressing why Van den Broek fits in so well with Julidans.


concept and choreography Ann Van den Broek
performers (on stage and at home)
Gregory Frateur, Louis Combeaud, Marion Bosetti, Jean-Gabriel Maury, Carla Guerra

music composed and written by Nicolas Rombouts, Gregory Frateur
video and light design
Bernie van Velzen 
stage setting
Niek Kortekaas
costume styling
Ann Van den Broek 
assistant to the chorographer and repetitor
Nik Rajšek
pre-recorded guest performances by
Tijs Delbeke, Sjoerd Bruil, Nicolas Rombouts, Gregory Frateur, Frauke Mariën, Nik Rajšek, Niek Kortekaas, Jutta Troch, Pieter Theuns, Ann Van den Broek
Inspired by the song
A Part Of Us All by Dez Mona and B.O.X.
voice of
An Hackselmans in interview with Ann Van den Broek
photography Rio Staelens
first presentation
1 April 2021, online

Safety first

Julidans adheres to the corona measures in force, as drawn up by the RIVM and the central government. As long as the coronavirus is not yet under control, testing can help make more possible step by step. The national government uses access tests to facilitate social and cultural activities in a safe manner. You may also need a negative test result in addition to your entrance ticket.

In the period prior to the performance, ticket buyers will receive instructions regarding the Covid-19 access policies in effect at the time. They may get several messages, depending on whether the government policy is announced or modified. It is possible that they will receive these mails until just before the start of the performance, so please keep a close eye on your mailbox. Julidans as well as the theatres where the event is staged, may send you these mails.


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